Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blood Loss


Mom you need to work on your football reporting skills. I need who they played and the actual score. If you could the national ranking that would be just great, please and thank you, ha ha. All you do for the ginger and garlic remedy is put some raw garlic and raw ginger in some water and blend it up. You drink that and then you'll regret you were ever born.... but it may have helped. 

I did get to meet Elder Dehaan a few times, but we never served around each other. He seems like a good guy and he is a great singer, just like his father. Now Emma you have to remember that Mr. Wright has a lot of very immature kids to deal with. If you are just repectful and don't do anything too dumb you will get on his good side. Looking back I thought that Mr. Wright was too mean and inconsiderate, but now I realize that he just expects you to be your best. In his heart he really just wants to see you guys succeed and learn some good old discipline. Don't take it too personally when he gets a little mad. 

So this week I had one of the scarier experiences of my mission. It was just a regular day and we were out on the streets talking to people. The sun was shining and everything just seemed to be going as per usual. We took a small break to sit down and have a soda. Elder Tsai was messing around with his can and it broke and he cut his finger on it. It didn't seem like it was too bad of a cut and he just put a napkin on it cause we didn't have a band aid. Well he sat back down for just a second to say a quick prayer cause he was a little hurt and frustrated by the little cut. I turned around for just a second and when I looked back he had been carried away by the spirit until he face-planted it on the ground!! He wasn't actually carried away in the spirit, but he did pass out. Turns out when he sees blood he passes out? That would have been good to know. But anyway I turn around just in time to see him fall forward off the bench and smack his head into the ground. It was in this stressful situation that I realized that I am just like my father. I got really quiet and intense and called some people over to help. He woke back up and we laid him down on the bench. One of the students that was with us called 999 (911) and I called my mission presidents wife Sister Leppard. The medic came and checked out Elder Tsai, good thing medical stuff is all free in this country. But he is absolutely fine, he just has some pretty cool scrapes on his face, which he is a little embarrassed about. But we convinced him it makes him look rugged and cool, ha ha! But I'm not gonna lie I was really scared, but we made it through and everyone is A okay. I'm just gonna be ready next time he sees blood. 

My companion and I with the zone leaders in the car
Me in front of the Aston Villa football stadium
That's really fun that Jessie put the picture on facebook so you could see. His name is Paul Cartwright and he did play Joseph Smith in the pagent this year. I heard he was the ward mission leader here, but the first time I met him was yesterday at church, seeing as he has been in America for the last few months. They share an almost equal love for Jessie and the Wadleys that I do and it was fun to see someone that was just recently so close to home. Speaking of someone coming close to home Elder Tsai's Parents are coming to Utah for general conference and to travel a bit and we thought it would be really cool if you guys could meet up! How often do your sons companion's parents come to Utah to visit from Taiwan. I'll hit you up with more details in a different email. 

This week I have just been marveling and so grateful for the simplicity of the Gospel. Especially in teaching so many Chinese students. This gospel is for everyone. It is for the scholar and it is for the humble working man. It is for the best of students and for those that barely speak any English. It all brings about the same feelings of peace and confindence no matter who you are or what your level or schooling or language is. It is for Every single person. So many people on the street tell me that, "It's just not my thing," or "It's not for me." But I would say that they are completely and dead wrong. It is for them, and I promise that there is something about the restored gospel that will ring true to anyone and everyone. It's almost like its God's church or something. 

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week. 


Elder Kmetzsch

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