Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Well I'm just going to tell you now that I feel like my emails are going to get shorter and shorter in the next 8 weeks, haha! But don't worry you will get to talk to me soon enough!

This week had an exciting beginning with a Parade for the Leicester City Football club winning the Premier league! It was absolutely mad!! CRAZY!!! They say that there were Two hundred and Fifty Thousand people there!!!! And can I just tell you keeping track of your companion in a crowd of 250,000 is no easy task! But it was extremely fun and I was delighted that it happened to be on a P-day so that we could go. I took Cameron's advice and I bought a few Leicester things. I got a flag and a "fake" jersey! I am definitely a bang wagon Leicester fan!! It was awesome and we had a lot of fun.

On to the week. Well it's nothing that you haven't heard before. We did a LOT of finding this week and hopefully a few of the people that we talked to will become new investigators. It is pretty normal in Evington to spent a lot of our time with the less actives. We have some really nice less actives here and they'll be back at church soon!!

Well, that's about it, haha! The bike is working great. We don't bike all that much because we are so close to town it doesn't make sense. But we do use them when we go to visit members that live like 4 miles away from us.

I am excited to see this new toy of Dads in action! We are going fishing very soon after I get home! Then me and Dad are gonna have some father son time and go fly fishing!!

Also Happy Birthday to by Big Bro Brigs!!! Crazy that you are 23!!!! You old man!!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Kmetzsch

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday Pops glad that your day was so special. I love you so much and am so grateful for the incredible example that you are to me. I wouldn't know how to work hard if it wasn't for you. The things that you have taught me are of greater worth to me then all the knowledge that the world could possibly teach me. You taught me in a much more spiritual way, you taught me the things that I'm going to need after this life and how to get through this life. I've always looked up to you and watched everything that you do. You are my Hero Dad, and your the best guy I know. I love you loads.

Man that is awesome that Centerpoint did "Curtains"! I definitely miss the music and am looking forward to listening to some of it when I get back, haha! But really Viewmonts musical theatre department should just be praised. They do a good show and we had sooo much fun, those were some good times.

I'm glad that Conner is doing better and that he won't need surgery. You should ask him how he broke it, maybe I can give that a try and see you guys a few weeks early, (just kidding)!

Had a fun exchange with Elder Langi this week.
I really liked the talk by Elder Bednar in the last conference. I'm sure it worked well for your High Counsel talk for the YSA wards. The idea of becoming perfect, "even as (He) is," often times overwhelms me. It seems to be an impossible task that we will never be able to complete. But when you think about it and when I had my bash the other day I talked about it, it is by our simple good works day to day that we accept the atonement into our lives and begin to become perfect. As we work our hardest things that seem to be too hard suddenly become easier with patience and with practice. You know what they say practice makes perfect and how true is that. It is through simple acts of obedience even when it doesn't really make sense that we begin to master these things. I often think to myself why do I need to keep all these rules especially when a lot of them on the mission seem so pointless. But when we stop doing the little things then eventually we break bigger rules and sometimes commandments. I would always tell the missionaries when we were doing training that if they stopped waking up at 6:30 every day that eventually it would lead to bigger disobedience. Not because they are not going to go the the celestial kingdom because they didn't wake up every day at 6:30, but because once you justify a little sin then it will be much easier to justify it when it comes to bigger things. Keeping small and simple rules will keep us safe of any harm that could ever come our way.

I also found the street that Batman lives on.

There is my rant for the day haha, but things are doing well in the area. We are finding a few more people to teach and things are going really well with the part member family that is coming to church. Not much else to report on, haha!

Well I hope that you are all doing well and that you have a great week.


Elder Kmetzsch

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Mothers Day


Oh my goodness it was so nice to see you all yesterday and to talk. I'm glad to hear that all of you are doing so well.

To be fair this is going to be a very very short email because I don't really know what else to say. It was a great week very, very, very hot, but not really that hot. But still hot for England. We had a part member family that we are working with come to church which was really great. The Bishop gave the gospel principles lesson and it was fantastic. It was focused on the needs of the mother who is a returning less active.

Well I said it before, but I'll say it again. Happy Mothers Day Momma!!!!!! I love you so much and hope that your day was wonderful and that Dad and Emma did all the cooking and cleaning! I couldn't get you real flowers but we found some really nice Spring flowers and so pictures will have to do! But I love you and want you to know how much I really appreciate you.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Kmetzsch

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Tiring Week


Well this week has been physically exhausting! We have walked more this week than I have for a large part of my mission! Absolutely miles and miles of walking. I'm not quite back on the bike because well I just got my bike back yesterday and it is not quite in fighting condition. I'm gonna have to put a little bit of work into in but it should be okay. Note to self though, don't leave your bike with other missionaries when you move to a car area if you want to see you bike in working order anytime soon!! But it's okay cause walking hasn't been that bad, just slow.

The new area is pretty much like a lot of my other areas. Our flat is really close to the city centre so it is pretty easy to just walk outside and start talking to people. We are also near two universities Leicester University and DeMontfort University. It is always nice to have some young people to talk to in your area. The ward though is completely different to Nottingham 1st ward. I went from one of the largest and youngest wards that I have ever been a part of to one of the smallest and oldest wards that I have ever been a part of. There are only two families in Evington ward that have young children and I'd say the average age is about 60, haha. It is nice though on Sunday to not have the roar of children during sacrament meeting. I'm excited to start working with and getting to know all these new members. I felt like just another member of the ward in Nottingham, like it was home, but now I've gotta start over again and get to know everybody. It should be fun though.

Elder Davis is a good lad. He is from the great state of Texas and has been on his mission for about nine months now. I'm a little sad that I didn't get the opportunity to train again but me and Elder Davis should be able to do a lot of good together. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks.

Congratulations EMMA!!!!! WOOT, WOOT!!!! That's so cool that you got chosen as prom royalty. It just proves that you are the prettiest sophomore in all the land and that all the other girls wish they were you, Haha! Don't let it go to your head though and remember to always be yourself and to always be nice to everyone.

Leicester does have a soccer team that is doing very well right now. They are in line to win the Premier league cup which is pretty much the biggest accomplishment that an English football team could win. It is for sure an exciting time to be in Leicester because the city seems to have almost an electric buzz going through it in anticipation of the win. All the shops have the team's colours and crest up and they say we are backing the blues. It's cool to see how such a seemingly small thing is bringing a city closer together. Cool story, we actually were in town and we saw this big line outside of one of the banks. We asked someone what is was about and it turns out that the trophy for the premier league, which is the Premier League Cup was on display in that bank to raise funds for charity.  All you had to do was donate £2.00 and you could take a picture with it. I couldn't let that opportunity pass me by so we got a picture with it! Man it is huge and way cool looking.

Brigham sure is a lucky guy! I wish I could go to Hawaii! It seems like since I've been gone everyone is just getting to go all over the place without me! Don't stress the whole St. George thing too much cause I can always just ditch school and go down in September for my Birthday!!

Okay so for skyping I am thinking that 6:00 my time would work best for us. That would be 11:00 for you guys. Does that work? You will have to let me know by tonight if not then that will be the time that I will be calling.

It is sad to hear of another death in the family, but I am glad that everything worked out so nicely and that it was a positive experience for the family.

I hope that everyone is doing great! I love you all and I am soooo excited to get to talk to you this Sunday!


Elder Kmetzsch