Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Well I would love to give you all an update on Luna and everything that is happening in Harborne, but unfortunately I was transferred this week! Hopefully Luna will be getting baptized next Sunday so continue to pray for her! I was a little gutted that I got moved but I am adjusting well to the new area. My new area is Wolverhampton. It is really close to Birmingham only about a 30 minute train ride from my old area. My companion for the next week is named Elder Hsu. He is from Taiwan as well and is actually going home in a week. So I am just serving with him until he goes home. Then I will be getting a new companion who is TBD, ha ha, gotta love mission life.

New birthday suit

It has been a crazy weekend trying to get to know the area really quickly before Elder Hsu goes home, so I can just take over the area with my next companion. Plus having General Conference is always fun. But man what a conference! I can't even describe how much I needed all of those talks. I felt like the conference was just for me! It was also amazing to see 3 new apostles called. The Lord is truly at the head of this church. I was praying so hard for President Monson during his talk. He seemed to be struggling really bad. But you could tell the spirit was strengthening him.

Okay so there was an Elder in my last district whose parents went to Highland High and are about the same age as you are, 55. Do you remember a Tom Miner and Julie Sandquist? Apparently his Dad played tight end and his football name was Minus? I bet Dad and him know each other. I think it will be cool for you to meet Elder Tsai's parents this week, I hope it works out!

There isn't too much to report on this week and I don't have loads of time. Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Kmetzsch

Do you guys like my new suit?? It was my birthday present to myself!

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