Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Smoking is Bad For You Kids


What an exciting week you guys have had! I'm jealous of all the time you are having to get James to love you more than me. When I get back I'm going to move straight into the favourite Uncle status. So watch out. 

I would like to express my disappointment in my father. He has stooped to a low level in wearing BYU apparel... But because someday I will probably have to go there myself I will forgive him just this one time. If it happens again Dad I won't be pleased! 

Well yesterday was a pretty exciting day. I opened my package, yes Mom I waited, and in it were soo many sour candies that I just couldn't control myself. I may have eaten a few too many and spent last night with a bit of a tummy ache.....  But it was really fun to give out warheads to some of the other missionaries and members! They just couldn't handle them, Priceless.!!! Other than opening the package it was a pretty typical Sunday. Church was really good and focused on personal pray, you know how some days church just seems to have a theme the whole time. Well yesterdays was prayer and in one of the talks I realized something that I hadn't before. We always talk about how prayer is such a strength and so relaxing but she talked about how the Lord tells us that prayer is work. How he commands us to think before we pray and not offer up thoughtless prayers. I've never thought of prayer as work but I know that when you put more effort in before your prayer then you get a lot more out, so cool!

So we have a really amazing investigator named Luna from China. She chose Luna because her name in Chinese means moon, I think its pretty cool. Anyway Luna is extremely smart and is here at Birmingham University and she is only 16! Crazy I know. She is so prepared for the gospel though, and it has been super fun to teach her, with her parents permission of course. During the first lesson she started taking notes, and asking us to define gospel words and she would write them down. After we taught her the Plan of Salvation we asked her if she thought this was Gods plan for her and her exact words were, "No, I think this is Gods plan for everyone!" And just this last Sunday I counted at least three pages of notes during the Gospel Principles class. These are just a few of the many examples of Luna being amazing. Hopefully if all goes according to plan she will be baptised this Sunday. 

Well I had an interesting experience on the bus. So we were just minding our own business sitting on the top half of the bus and this women came up at one of the stops and this women, I'm not gonna lie, was scary! She was large in stature and to top it off had a gold tooth right in front. She came up to the top and starting just going off. She was yelling profanities and then started to smoke, yes on the bus! There was a 12 or so year old kid near the front of the bus that started looking back and she went off at him again with her profanities and she began to threaten him. That was it for me. I couldn't just sit there anymore so I didn't. I stood up and turn around and was a bit loud, but I told her to be quiet and that she was gonna have to go through me before she got to the kid. Then I just turned around and walked away and took the kid downstairs to the bottom of the bus. It was flipping scary, but I'm really glad that I stood up and did that because I felt really good after! Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in guys. Even if they have a gold tooth!

Hope you all have a great week and stay safe.


Elder Kmetzsch

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