Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Mighty Change of Heart


I have been informed by my kind and loving older brother that my emails are getting hard to read and that I need to start using paragraphs more. Please excuse my shortcomings for I have only been out a transfer. I am so glad to hear that everything has gone well with Torie and the baby. Clara Gene is such a cute name. She looks just like Craig if I do say so myself, a much cuter version of Craig that is!

It is so great that Mom and Dad were able to go and stay with Torie and Craig and experience their ward in Peoria. Church is definitely super different in the mission field and mostly just outside of Utah. The recent converts bear such powerful but simple testimonies that it is impossible not to learn from them. I definitely believe that we need to focus on the simple powerful truths of the gospel to really improve our lives.

This week has been pretty good. Thank you for your prayers for Sarah. She decided on Tuesday to continue with her baptism! We were so excited to see her overcome her fears and show such great faith. I want to tell you more about my experience with Sarah and how I have seen that Mighty Change of heart that is spoken of so many times in the Book of Mormon.

My First contact with Sarah was my first night in the mission. I was tired and scared and extremely overwhelmed. We called Sarah to set up an appointment and proceeded to have an hour long conversation about how she did not want to continue the lessons, she had a really rough week. Sarah struggles with depression and was having a really hard time feeling of Gods love. For the next 3 weeks we would occasionally send a spiritual thought to her in a text. One Sunday we walked into church and to our surprise we saw Sarah sitting off to the side. We were overjoyed to see her at church. We talked to her and set up a lesson for later on that week. We taught Sarah and everything was going great. She came to church and she was really feeling the spirit. We scheduled a baptismal date and then suddenly out of nowhere last Sunday night she dropped us. We were devastated, we had seen her come so far only to have it go no further. We kept in contact with her and tried so hard to figure out her fears of being baptized. Once we had found those fears and helped her know of Gods love and the strength that she can get from the atonement, she was again ready to be baptized. Just this last Friday Sarah was baptized and has now received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is honestly a completely different person. In her own words she said, "I used to walk around with a fake smile on, but now I don't. Now the smile is real." The gospel gives Sarah and all of us such a beautiful hope and joy for life and for what is to come. It can truly heal any wound! Because of back problems it required two of us in the font to make sure that she was safe. It was an experience I am not soon to forget.

Sarah's Baptism
The font was a little small for all 3 of us but we made it work!

The work is going forward! And there truly are people prepared for this great message! Not much else happened this week. It is the start of a new transfer and we have to get working on getting some new investigators because the two we had last transfer are now recent converts.

Love you guys so much and am so excited to get to watch conference this weekend! Also I hope you wore your fast Sunday ties, cause I surely did.


Elder Kmetzsch

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