Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cosmos and Kebabs


I am super jealous of Mum and Dad and am super glad all is going well in the great city of Peoria Illinois. I wish I could have had some pumpkin cookies after priesthood.... Don't get used to the comforts of Peoria Mum and Dad! You have a teenage daughter to go back too! Love you Ems! My companion would have loved wandering around the hardware store with you. He is very much a fix it yourself kinda guy. Seeing the cornfields would be cool. Everything here is very small. Speaking of corn, the corn on the cob here just doesn't compare to fresh Utah corn.

So the boys came home from BYU and watched conference with Emma. I bet it was super weird for Emma to not watch conference with parents. I'm sure that the pantry will be nice and empty for you guys when you get home. It is like when I go on exchange and all of my candy has been eaten.  I got to watch two live sessions of conference. The Saturday morning and the Sunday Morning. I watched them at 5:00 at the chapel. The other times were 10:00 Sunday morning for priesthood, 1:00 Sunday for the Saturday Afternoon session, and we didn't get to see the Sunday afternoon. I almost started to cry a little bit when I was singing the intermediate hymn of the Saturday Morning session thinking about how you guys were all in your pajamas singing, and eating conference candy for breakfast! I did save my conference candy for conference! I ate it all over the weekend and it was super delicious. I must have misread the thing about rationing the candy... Conference was so good and definitely what I needed to get a nice recharge. I have made a goal to never forget which way I face. I love the first Presidency with all my heart and know that they are truly men called of God to speak for him on this earth!!! 
Conference Candy

This week has been quite the culinary week. Last Sunday we had an amazing roast dinner at a members house and no joke the roast tasted exactly like Mum's roast. Mum, I will never take a home cooked meal for granted again, Ever. Tuesday we had another member feed us lunch and we had some amazing soup and sandwiches. He is a funny guy he is 23 and newly married, when I sat down he asked about my mission so far and then said missions are hard and here in my house you are not a missionary (he proceeded to take my tag) and you get to relax. It was really funny and we get on really well. He also happens to be our ward mission leader and an epic one at that. Later that night we had dinner with yet another amazing member. They made us a steak and gravy pie thing that was wonderful, and I had a lot of fun talking with him. He happens to have the most amazing full beard that I have ever seen. It is LEGEND..... wait for it.... ARY! The next culinary adventure happened with our recent convert Wai Yin. She took us to a restaurant called Cosmos which is an all you can eat Chinese buffet! Yeah baby! It was super nice too not like the bad one that we went to a few years ago. The British call this place posh, ha ha. I ate a lot and it was amazing and super generous of her cause it is pretty pricey, around 30 dollars per person! On to the the last of my adventures for the week, The KEBAB, the ultimate junk food! I honestly don't really even know what it is but it had doner meat and chicken and lamb and other things. I really don't know but it was covered in mayo and chili sauce and tasted really good! I got one on exchange with Elder Rutter. We were hating life after eating those. But it was something that I needed to experience. They call it being Kebabtised here in the EBM.

Cosmos, a Chinese buffet
Elder Rutter
So someone needs to inform bishop Daines that the OTM may be the Only True Mission, but the EBM is the Earths Best Mission. That is actually a quote from Elder Holland who served his mission here in the Birmingham Mission! I am serving in Elder Holland's mission, super cool stuff!

This week has been a long week of finding new people to teach and just really getting to know the members in the ward. I love the Coventry Ward almost as much as the 20th! But I love my family most of all!


Elder Kmetzsch


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