Monday, September 15, 2014

Wait, That Lawn Mower Doesn't Have Wheels?!?!


This week has been loads of travel and meetings! We had Zone conference on Tuesday which was way fun! I met tons of new missionaries and got to see a lot of my friends from MTC! I also met Elder Packer, and I bet you can guess whose grandson he is! He is a super cool guy! Friday we went to a trainers meeting and that was great cause I got to see everybody that was at the MTC with me! We learned a ton from President Rasmussen! I love President he is so cool and just loving! We took the train to both meetings which was a new experience for me! Though it was a bit like riding the subway in New York. Just a lot bigger and faster! I loved it though cause I got to see more of the country side and I didn't have to bike it! 

Zone Conference
Half of my MTC District
 The rest of the week was pretty uneventful for us though! We are still working hard on building up our teaching pool and just finding, finding, finding! Wednesday was quite the day though, We had an exchange on Wednesday and I got to go with Elder Rutter! Have I mentioned he is one of my favorite humans ever!! So we exchanged after doing service for Rose, and then went strait to service for the Sidhu's. We got locked into what is called an allotment which is just like a community garden for rent! Sister Sidhu said Brother Sidhu would be there soon but he didn't come for a while after that! So we just chilled and pulled weeds and talked about Pokemon, (this is one of the reasons he's my favorite human)! We then got a call informing us we were expected at another members house to do service! So we waited for Brother Sidhu to come  back and then we took off to go and help the Topps. The Topps are moving and needed help cleaning up the yard. I got to mow the lawn, but to my surprise the lawn mower didn't have any wheels... I was a little confused as to why it was electric as well. Turns out it is called a Hover Mower! Yeah you heard right a Hover Mower! Since the lawns here aren't very big they don't need big mowers! So they have little electric ones that hover! It was super fun and I made a big deal about it and they were all laughing at me! But it hovered!!!! Hopefully the video will send! Me and Elder Rutter ended up biking 35 miles over the course of our 24 hr exchange which was sweet!! Not much else has happened this week that is super duper exciting just a lot of finding and rejection! But like my MTC teacher said, "Every rejection is a point towards a miracle! The more points you have the bigger the miracle!" So expect a pretty big miracle for me and Elder Worlton soon!!
The Space Mower
I got my package!! The pillow case is super cool!! And I kinda called that you were gonna send conference candy!!! I told Elder Worlton all about conference candy and how you were gonna send some for my Birthday! Thank you also for the Hot Chocolate! I made myself a cup for my Birthday treat ha ha! Birthdays are so weird on the mish! Doesn't really seem real that I am 19! Weird... 

Birthday Package

Yay for Mint Hot Chocolate!
Well that's all for this week! Love you all tons! 

Elder Kmetzsch 

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