Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Don't Ignore The Warning Labels On Hot Sauce!


Man, this week as been pretty long and slow! It is a really busy time of year with school starting over here. People just keep pushing us back to next week or in a few weeks! Last Monday we went and looked for a winter coat. We found a really nice coat and yes Dad it does have a zip out liner! We also bought some waterproofing spray that we sprayed on the jacket I brought with me! I have worn that jacket everyday! Cause it rains, well, everyday! I don't mind the rain that much, but when the wind is blowing right at you and the rain is coming down it makes biking a lot harder! But biking is actually becoming a lot easier and I like biking a lot more than walking now! 

Bikes get stolen a lot here, so to make them not look brand new or brand name we put tape all over them! I went a little crazy... but it was super fun! And now my bike looks completely different!
After we got home Monday, we baked some cookies for our neighbors. But they weren't home so we ended up just eating them all....  whoops! Later on the night we got a call from Wai Yin! She decided that she wanted to be baptized! It's funny cause we hadn't really asked her to be baptized yet! But she is set to be baptized this Saturday! Man, she is just the perfect investigator! She understands everything and she actually does the reading assignments that we give to her! She already got an answer that the BOM is true and is super excited to get baptized! We have only been teaching her for two weeks now, but she seems like she has been studying the gospel for years! While walking with her home from church we asked what her plans were for the rest of the night and she told us that she was going to go study her scriptures! She also figured out how to use the index all on her own! Man, she is the greatest! She is so smart and just so willing to live all of Gods commandments! So hopefully if things continue as they are, there will be a baptism this Saturday! Man, I'm excited! 

Not much happened Tuesday besides my bike getting a bent back axel! Good thing that I got the insurance plan on it! So we took it in and they told us it was just one defective part! On Thursday we had a good district meeting and then after me and Elder Worlton decided to explore our area and get out of the city. We ended up biking into the middle of nowhere at the edge of our area and we found those rolling hills that everyone was talking about! We biked about 6 and a half miles out to the edge of our area and then back! We ended up biking around 20 miles in total that day! But I did get some nice pictures! 

 The weird thing that I am doing in the pictures means Wow, ha ha!
That night we went on exchange with the Zone Leaders and I stayed in the area with Elder Sommer! It was a super fun exchange and we got a ton of potential investigators and just had a good time! At lunch Elder Sommer found Elder Worltons hot sauce that is crazy hot! He was all, "oh this can't be that bad," so he put a big drop on his mac and cheese! I had been previously warned at how hot this hot sauce actually was and was eager to see if the stories were true! Yes, yes they were! About 30 sec into it it hit him, ha ha! It was so, so funny! I asked him to see the bottle and ended up getting some on my finger and was like oh it can't be that bad! Trust me it was that bad.... At first it was just a nice burn on the tip of my tongue. Then the nuclear explosion went off and the rest of my mouth was suddenly on fire and I was coughing and coking right along side Elder Sommer! It was pretty great and we had a good laugh! The rest of the exchange was really great and we got a ton of work done!

Elder Sommer near tears holding the hot sauce!
Saturday we had football again and it was way fun! A member actually had an extra pair of boots (cleats) and he sold them to me for £5 which is way cheap because they are Nikes! So that's pretty awesome! Saturday we also taught Wai Yin which was super fun, we planned for just a few things and ended up teaching her two lessons plus the word of wisdom! She is just a sponge! Sunday was great again. It's so weird when they talk about the missionaries in church and it takes me about 30 seconds to realize that I am one! We actually sang in sacrament meeting and it was super good! We sang "Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy" to the tune of "If you Could Hie to Kolob"! It actually worked well and we have some really good singers in our district! This morning I went to the dentist to get the chip fixed and have had a numb face all day! It's really hard to drink and when I smile it only half works! Hopefully this week will be a lot busier and will have a good one! 

Elder Kmetzsch

P.S. Has Utah started there season yet? Did they win? Come on Dad I need updates here! 

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