Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Text While Biking!


I can't even believe that I am going to be nineteen this week! Ah, I am soo old! I'm glad Utah is doing well! You may as well keep me updated on how the Y is doing cause I am going to be going there! Also if there are any epic plays please tell me about them!  The hot sauce is actually getting more mild, the more I use it! Cause you know that I love spice! You guys should really send me some of that jalapeƱo plum jelly cause well that sounds delicious!! That is a lot of plums!! Man, that is so crazy! When I saw the picture I was all "FLIP" that's a lot of plums! I love our plums and you just can't find them over here!

Delicious tacos I made for me and my companion!
Our area in Coventry covers some of the city center and the Northwest section of the city! It Contains places called Allsey, Coudon and Radford. It is a fairly large area but it's not too big.

Man, I don't think I am ever going to find an investigator as amazing as Wai Yin! She is 32 and living in Coventry looking for a job! Her family is all back in Hong Kong and she lives on her own! She is super smart and studies all the time! She was found just before I came in by Elder Smith. She was then passed on to us because they were busy! We taught her all the lessons in the span of about a week and a half and she literally called us and asked how soon she could be baptized! We freaked out just a bit! She was baptized this Saturday and it was such a cool experience! Elder Smith baptized her because he found her, but I got to be one of the witnesses and to be apart of the circle for the confirmation! Brother Hannis confirmed her and it was such a powerful and just awesome blessing! Wai Yin has a lot to look forward to and she is going to be amazing! She actually went out teaching with the one of the other sets of Elders Sunday night! So yeah the day she became a member she went out teaching! She really is the greatest!

Me and Elder Worlton at Wai Yins baptism! 
Besides the baptism, this week has been a pretty great one! I got a haircut and am looking really awesome! Tuesday we biked to Allsey which is a decently far bike ride! When we were biking around looking for a place to go tracting I got a text! We weren't biking very fast so I just decided to not stop and just reply while I was biking, BAD IDEA! I got the text written and sent, but as I was putting the phone back into my pocket I drifted towards a pole so I swerved a bit and pulled my brake. It was my front brake and I didn't have my other hand for support! So I slid right off the seat of my bike and about went over the handle bars! Luckily I stayed on my feet long enough to jump over the handle bars! Though my bike did take a little bit of a tumble and I got a massive bruise on my leg from hitting the frame, I survived! But I will no longer be biking and texting! 

Thursday was my first Zone Meeting and I got to see three of the Elders that I went to the MTC with! Two were in my district and the other one was in my room. So I know them all really well and it was super awesome to catch up and just see how they are doing! I definitely like zone conference minus those darn role plays!!! On the way to zone conference Elder Worlton about died drifting his bike on some grass around a corner, but he only ended up ripping is pants!! It was soo funny!! I forgot to mention that my bike went back into the hospital because there was a bad bottom bracket on it! So I got to ride the awful heavy mountain bike that one of the sisters let me ride before I got my wonderful light hybrid bike! But I got my bike back later that day just in time to ride 6 miles to a dinner appointment! We then rode home and then went strait to an exchange with the other Elders which is another 3 miles! All in all we rode our longest day yet, 25 miles!! It was awesome! The exchange went well and it was fun to see more of the city! 

On Saturday we spent pretty much all day at the chapel getting ready for the baptism! We had to clean the font cause it hadn't been used in a while! While I was standing in the font barefoot and Elder Worlton was climbing out the window to go turn on the water so I could rinse off the bleach, in walks one of the Area Seventy for England! Yes, one of the Area Seventy! I recognized him right off the bat cause he spoke at the MTC while I was there! His name is Elder Dryden and he was at the chapel for a baby blessing of one of his grandchildren! I was a little shocked to see him and was more nervous when he walked up because my companion was climbing in the window of the chapel! It was all good though and we just talked to him for a minute! He is super chill and way cool! It's not often that you get to talk to a seventy while standing in a baptismal font! We laughed pretty hard after he left! Everything went great for the baptism and we had pizza after! 

It was my first fast Sunday in the field and it was not nearly has fun as it sounds! Biking on an empty stomach is not the easiest! But we did get to eat dinner with a member who made some amazing gammon which is just ham! She made this really great orange sauce for it and man it was a good fast Sunday dinner! I hope Dad and the boys remembered there ties! I certainly did!

Thats all for this week I hope you guys are having great week and I hope my lil darling is starting the school year off right! 


Elder Kmetzsch (Jakey) 

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