Monday, September 22, 2014

I Went To The London Temple!


I love the neighborhood party! I am sad that I missed Dad doing the Beach Boy Medley, ha ha! He is such a goof! Emma had her first morningside! That is super exciting! She should tell me all about it and how she is doing in a reply to the letter I sent her from the MTC!! The little bum, ha ha! 

That is so cool that Cameron got to come home and be ordained a High Priest! That is crazy that he is on the High Council! I know he is going to do great in his new calling and really strengthen the church in Florida! I wonder if he is in Talmage Edwards mission boundaries! He should ask for me. 

I love the temple and I actually got to go to the temple this last Saturday! The ward had a temple trip to the London Temple and Wai Yin our recent convert really wanted to go! Everything worked out for her to go and we thought to ourselves, hey we should ask President if we can go with her! We proceeded to call President and asked if we could go. He said no of course because it is out of our mission boundaries! But he did give us a suggestion to take a picture of ourselves and give it to Wai Yin and have her take it with her to the temple! She did and we got some awesome pictures of us at the London Temple! AHHH, at least our picture got to go! But really we were just very excited that Wai Yin got to go do Baptisms for the Dead and really feel the spirit of the Temple! 

Wai Lin with Me and Elder Worlton at the London Temple

The rest of the week we focused a lot on one of our investigators named Sarah. She was set to be baptised this Friday and we saw her pretty much every day last week and she was progressing really well! Sarah struggles with depression and last night went really low and has decided to drop us.... We are pretty devastated and hope you will keep her in your prayers because what she needs right now is Christ and his Atonement! The Atonement is why I am on a mission! Without it life would be pointless and frankly really sad... To be able to see people learn about something that is so near and dear to me and to accept it into there lives is such a blessing! The church is true! We just need to grab on to the rod and never, ever let go! 

This is my district. Notice how I am drowning in my suit!
Made an awesome Shepherd's Pie. Mom would be so Proud!
Not much else happened last week, and we are hoping for a more eventful week this week. It is transfers this week and it is crazy to think that I have made it through my first transfer! Which I hear is the longest transfer of the whole mission. It's pretty much all down hill from here! We did finally get our washer fixed this week and now I can do laundry after two and a half weeks of waiting! I now understand why Mom washes the towels every week and that white shirts can last much longer than one wear! Man, has Torie had the baby yet? Did they decide on a name? Is she flipping adorable? 

Love you all,

Elder Kmetzsch

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