Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trunky Meeting


I don't know why I always mention food but it's probably because food is very memorable to me. So when I am typing these emails I always seem to remember what I ate during the week..... Guess it's just in my blood.

I hope that Emma got better for her performance. I remember the stress of being sick when you have a performance coming up that you have worked really hard for. You definitely feel robbed of a lot of time, but I know Ems will do her best!! And that Mom will cure her if it is the last thing that she does!!

That is cool that you got an email about the funeral, ha ha, which one?? I have actually helped out with two funerals here in Nottingham. The first was for a less active member and they needed a pianist and so of course I offered to help. I played two hymns that I have never played before and one of them was an old Church of England hymn that I have never even heard of before. I was a nervous wreck because there were going to be loads of nonmembers there. I didn't want to ruin there first impression of the church with awful piano playing but I did my best and practiced at every chance that I got. The other funeral was for the parent of one of the families that I am very close with, it was a great aunt. We didn't do much but show up for moral support and help clean up after so that they didn't have to stress about it.

The Taco Bell was way heavy but it was worth it, ha ha! We were actually the first people to order that much food from Taco Bell in Nottingham. They were like you want what????? Ha ha!

We had a pretty crazy meeting this week. It was the self reliance meeting for returning missionaries. So about 5-6 months before you go home we have this big meeting with everyone in your MTC group and you talk about college and finances and jobs and my favourite, ha ha dating!!!! We as a mission have nicknamed it the, "Trunky meeting." It was a pretty awesome meeting and I really enjoyed it.

Well the rest of this week was boring so I won't waste your time with the details. We did missionary work and we did a lot of it. It was a decent week of normal missionary work.

Much Love,

Elder Kmetzsch

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