Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sleepovers For Days


What an exhausting week! First off we had meetings for days, and I mean for days. On Thursday we had a zone meeting with President Leppard in attendance which was really awesome. The only thing we really had to worry about was making sure that everything was set up right at the chapel and getting lunch organized for the zone. I don't know if I mentioned that Nottingham just opened up its first ever Taco Bell! We thought it would be pretty awesome if we got Taco Bell for everyone, so we decided to do it. We were allowed to spend around 100£ so we decided to get 50 tacos and 50 bean burritos. Man that was a lot of burritos and they were actually pretty heavy. The nearest car park to Taco Bell is like a ten minute walk out of town and so we had to carried all of the food, and my arms were dying with that box of burritos! The Taco Bell was a big hit though the tacos did get a bit soggy. My stomach didn't really appreciate warming up the leftovers the next day for lunch...... After our zone conference we started an exchange with the Elders from Lincoln. They have changed the way we do exchanges and now instead of us switching places with one of the missionaries we just bring both into our area and take them out separately for the day. Our flat is not very big and it is definitely not big enough to be housing four Elders. Plus the more missionaries that you have, the more talking that you do and the less sleep that you get. The only other bed in our flat besides our beds is a hide-a-bed couch that we have. Being the charitable and loving person that I am, I gave up my bed to Elder Toshimitsu who is a new missionary being trained. So me and his trainer Elder Nogueroles shared the hide-a-bed. I did not get any sleep and was absolutely wiped the next day!

So we continued on and finished the exchange and drove the Elders back to Lincoln planning on doing a power hour of finding in their area but got caught in some traffic and just had to drop them off. We did however get to see the Tongan family with them for lunch before we left for Lincoln which was awesome! They gave us a Tongan snack to take with us called mango skins, basically it is a dried mango skin covered in Kool-Aid powder... They are nasty!! But Elder Tukuafu likes them. I don't know how but he does, ha ha. We finished the exchange with Lincoln and when I got home I was out like a light.

As well as the zone conference on Thursday we also had a Stake Presidency meeting that night. Basically it is a meeting that we have to discuss the missionary work and problems/successes we are seeing in the Nottingham stake with the Stake President and with the Mission President. It is always a good meeting, and I love the Stake President here he is an amazing man. Next meeting on the list we had the adult session of Stake conference Saturday night which was good. Then we had Stake conference on Sunday. I feel like we spent the whole week with the zone which was really cool cause we don't get to see them all that often. We also had another sleepover with some missionaries that couldn't get a ride to stake conference. So they came and stayed with us Saturday night after the adult session and we took them to conference in the morning. Needless to say another night of less sleep then I should be getting. Though Elder Tukuafu took the Hide-a-bed this time and actually enjoyed it. I think he will take it every time we have a sleepover from now on, ha ha!

Man oh man, it sounds like you guys are just having too much fun! I can't wait to drive through the canyons and the mountains and go fishing. Just some thoughts and ideas potentially for when I get home, ha ha. Did things work out with the housing? You never did really confirmed that me and Landon are actually rooming together.

Man I am definitely going to hit up an institute class with Spencer Hewlett! I would love that so much, those YSA's are really lucky to have such great teachers. You better watch out Dad you might just get called into the Stake Presidency!! I have read Elder Nelsons talk and it is way good. I'm sure that you will give a great talk on it. It's too bad that Emma is going to have to go to church alone though! I'm sure that the Tanners will adopt her. The Daines are in my prayers and I hope that all will go smoothly for them.

Well I love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Love ya Bwtts!

Elder Kmetzsch

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