Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Beginnings


Okay just to clarify Elder Tukuafu went home exactly right on time, not sooner than expected. When he came to Nottingham he was on his last transfer so we knew that we were only going to spend one transfer together. Now he is probably flying to America as we speak for a vacation and to go to general conference. It is weird that a lot of my companions are home now.... I only have one more companion that is older than me and he goes home at the end of this transfer, after he goes home I will only have younger companions. But my new companion is....... Drumroll! Elder Wagner from Washington State, near Seattle. It has been one of the funnest weeks of my mission and we have become fast friends. So this six weeks is going to fly by....

Man I am super jealous of Nate and his bro fest, I can't wait to go party it up with the brethren! There are going to be some good times. But those pictures are awesome. Who in there right mind has already asked Emma to Prom??!?!?!?!?!? I am going to need the email of this boy so that I can interview him. Now you all think that I am joking but there is no joking when you are a missionary! So I expect him to make first contact and to give me a brief summary of why he thinks that he should be the one to get to take my little sister to her first Prom.

The district at Nottingham Castle 

 I am so happy to hear that everything went smoothly with the funeral. I have definitely been praying very hard that it would go well. My love and my thoughts are with all the Blodgett family right now.

Well we have had some miracles and things are continuing to look up for me and Elder Wagner. A few weeks back we had a family just walk into church and we didn't really get to talk to them at all but we found out they weren't members. The next week they came again and we got talking to them and they really wanted help with the woman's English cause they are from Hungary. So we started teaching them that week and helping her learn English as well and teaching them about the gospel at the same time. They came to church again this week so something must be going right! Please pray for them that they will continue to progress well in the gospel and in her English. There names are Lui, Sylvia, and Jay.

Not too much exciting stuff has happened this week. It was transfer week so we have had some shuffling in the zone and I am excited to get to work with a few new missionaries. But I am really excited to be serving with Elder Wagner.

Love you all!

Elder Kmetzsch

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