Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Is Your Refrigerator Running?


First off I'd l like to say that my prayers and thoughts are going to the Blodgetts right now. I have a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation and how much comfort it brings into our life's. Just yesterday we were teaching a man from Ireland. He is Presbyterian and he asked us a question that he asked his preacher. He asked what happens to those people who have never heard of Jesus Christ? Do you know what his preachers answer was strait up, that they are going to hell..... We were then able to testify of the Spirit World and of the Plan of Salvation. I just felt such a strong sense of peace and assurance that it was truly Gods plan and that it is a fair and just plan for all of Gods children. What a blessing it is to have the Priesthood so close to our family all the time.

I am so jealous that you guys got to see the Grandkids again! I cannot wait to see those little stinks. Family truly brings us pure joy in this life. Speaking of family, it was Mothers Day yesterday and man I miss my Momma.... I ever bore my testimony on the powerful influence that Mothers have in our lives. I told the youth that if they would just follow their mothers they would turn out just fine and I truly believe that. Thank you Mommy for being the absolute best Mom in the whole world! I love you so much!!

Hello um... Is your refrigerator running????? No?!!?!?!!?! Well neither was mine.... All week! Basically our refrigerator gave up the ghost on Monday morning and we didn't get a new one until this last Saturday. I don't think I realized just how important a fridge is until it was gone. We basically just decided to eat out everyday that we didn't have a dinner appointment... Not a smart idea... Taco Bell just isn't that good.

Well we had a mini/big miracle in our area this week and her name is Beth! She is sooo cool! Basically what happened was that it had been another long hard week of finding with not much success. It was Saturday and we were about to wrap up our finding for the day and we saw someone walking towards us so we decided to talk to her. Turns out she knew pretty much everything about the church and had previously met with missionaries in Manchester and was still interested in the church. So we invited her to church the next day and she came!!!! AHHHH Basically she is the best, so would you pray that she continues to progress well.

Well that about wraps it up, I hope all is well, I love and pray for you often,

Elder Kmetzsch

P.S. Do you like my new Skirt?

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