Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm Legal!


Congratulations Papa I can't believe you have been at General Atomics for 9 Years! I still remember the day you took me to work, when you still worked on Hill Air Force base. I got to thumb wrestle with your boss. I remember nothing else about that day, but that I had a pretty epic thumb wrestle, which I do believe I won! I also remember the time that Dad took me and Brigham to the Air Show. We got to park in his work spot and eat lunch in his office. I am grateful that I have such a wonderful and hard working father who made my childhood pretty much as idealistic as you can get. I hope I can be as good a Dad as him someday.

There are actually quite a few missionaries from Viewmont serving in the Manchester mission right now. I think it is up to 4 or 5 if I am right, but there is only two of us holding strong here in Birmingham! It blows my mind that Elder Beckstrand will be going home, I am sure Scotland will miss him greatly. Tell Spencer Christensen that I love him and congratulations for me will ya? That is so awesome! He will be a great mission president and I am jealous of the missionaries in the Arizona Tempe mission. I was thinking about it though and I realised that if he reports to his mission this coming June or Early July then I won't see him for 5 years!! That's crazy!

Yes it did snow, but only for a couple of hours. Just enough to give us almost an inch or so. By the end of the next day it was pretty much all melted and ever since then the temperature has started to get higher. I think we have made it through the coldest of winter but I don't want to jinx it! I don't know about Six months to Salvation but I think we will stick with Six months to sexy or there will be know point in us taking a courtship and marriage class at BYU!! Speaking of BYU, do I need to do anything in terms of signing up for classes and anything for housing? I am pretty sure it is getting to that time of year and would like to have a say in what I am taking this fall. If Brigham or someone with the knowledge of BYU could inform me of what I need to do or help me out with this that would be wonderful.

Well then on to our week. Yes we did get to watch to World wide Missionary Broadcast, which was really amazing! I thought for sure that they had some really big announcement that they wanted all the missionaries to hear about at the same time, but I was wrong. The devotional was really simple and focused on repentance and the Holy Ghost. I really loved that quote that Dad sent me how Elder Oaks was just really bold with how he said we are not called to make exceptions or teach the things of the world. But instead are called to teach the doctrine of Christ. Simple but very powerful. One of my favourite quotes was from Elder Anderson's talk and he said, "Repentance is a change of attitude, the beginning of a Mighty change of Heart." They really counseled us to teach repentance better and not just skip over it on our way to baptism. It was a great meeting over all though.

The rest of our week was fairly normal. We went on a work-over with one of the teams in the zone to help them find some more people and had an exchange with the Elders in Boston. Which is the farthest east you can go in the mission. I stayed in Nottingham with Elder Stout and Elder Shaw went out to Boston. The reason that I stayed is because I can drive now!!! I passed my driving test with only three minor faults and they let you have 15. So I am officially legal and should be getting my license soon. I don't have a picture of it yet, but I do have a picture with the pass certificate that I will send. I am so relieved that I got it on the first try so I don't waste the churches money taking the test 5 times. Plus it is nice to be able to drive instead of just sitting in the passenger seat!

We did have a miracle on Saturday night though. We got this random call from a number we didn't recognize and they left us a message. Turns out it was some Elders in the London South mission calling to give us a referral. Anyway we called them back and they told us that one of there recent converts had a friend that lived up in Nottingham that she wanted us to teach. We got some info about him and they told us he wanted to come to church in the morning and to call him them. Sunday morning we called him and he was like yeah I want to come to church and what should I wear? Anyway long story short he just came to church on his own accord and seemed to have a great time. We are going to start teaching him this week which is going to be awesome!

The Zone

Other than that not too much happened, ha ha. Well I hope all is well in good old Centerville and that no matter where you are that you feel Gods Love for you today!


Elder Kmetzsch

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