Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sunshine and Snowfall


I agree with Mom when she says January isn't her favourite, and without skiing and masses of snow there just isn't much to keep me going! Just cold and grey all the time. It isn't the nicest but it has it moments especially this week. Well this week we had the rarest of occasions happen and it was three straight days of blue skies and sunshine! It was flippin cold but at least the sun was shining. And then to top it off, after the wonderful sunshine, Saturday night it SNOWED!!!!!! AHHHH, it only snowed an inch the whole night but at least it snowed. Me and Elder Shaw ran outside last night and had a pretty epic snowball fight and got it on time-lapse. If my iPad lets me I will try and send it too you. On Sunday morning we went for a nice romantic, (ha ha), companionship walk in the freshly fallen snow. We mostly went because Elder Shaw has never really seen real snow on the ground so he really wanted to go and walk around. Honestly the sunshine mixed with it finally snowing has just made me sooooooooooooo happy and recharged. Sunshine can make a big difference in someone's life. I have decided that I need to live in a place with more of it than England has.

Well as you consider whether or not you are coming to good old England I hope you know that I don't mind either way, it is completely and totally up to you. I have no preferences or suggestions for you, but yes you should respond to the mission home very soon.

Man oh man I love Solo and Ensemble. We had the attention span of well teenagers, Ha ha. You know that you loved us Mom! But you guys should film it and send it to me!?!? Because I would love to see my little Sister singing and hear them. I love emails, but pictures and or videos make my day and that goes for all of my family immediate and extended. I love all of you and would love to hear how you and your families are doing so feel free to email me! My email is That goes for brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles and friends. I don't have a lot of your emails or I would email first so don't be strangers and when you read this act now!

This week is a big week for me. It is the week that I will hit the mark of 6 months left in the mission field. In the mission we have what we call, "Six Months to Sexy." So I like my father and sister will be eating healthier and working out much more than I have been, cause I gotta get fit or I will never get MARRIED!! Ah..... so me and Elder Shaw will be pushing me to be better.

Yes we have an investigator named Marvellous and he is truly marvelous. He has so much real intent and really listens when we are speaking that it just makes it so nice to teach him. There isn't too many exciting things to report but he is doing really well and progressing nicely.

Oh Robin hood!

Things are continuing to look up for our area and I am really feeling the Lords hand strengthening me in all that I have to do and my desires are ever increasing. To answer Moms question on average we travel around 300 miles in a week but that is if we don't have an exchange or have to go to the mission home. I actually have my driving practical test tomorrow if all of you could pray for me that would be wonderful! I am a bit nervous because I haven't really been behind the wheel too much in the last few months but hopefully I will pass!

Also about the email you forwarded. I do know Sister Price and we made the connection that she knows Fran Luczak a few weeks ago! It is really cool that we ended up in the same zone though and it is always nice to have common friends with someone. Sister Price is a cool cat, ha ha!

I love you all and hope that you are doing well.

Elder Kmetzsch

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