Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Lost Sheep


Well to clarify quickly so Mom isn't worried what I meant when I said I was thinking a lot is simply that when someone you are with is going home in a few days you tend to think about home a little bit more. The thought of not being a missionary and being home is a strange thought. Quit your worrying Mom, I'm doing just fine!

Cleaning the flat was definitely necessary, ha ha. The last Elders had been there a long time. When you are in an area for too long you get too comfortable and then things start to get messy. Plus our flat is tiny like insanely small. So all the space that we can get, we need. I'm glad my father taught me how to actually clean something and how to do it right.

Well we had a pretty funny experience this week. We were biking to a Dinner appointment about a 15 minute cycle away from our flat and seeing as I have a nice racer and iron thighs I was biking pretty fast. Well my companion was biking at Jamaican speed and was pretty far behind me so I would stop and wait occasionally to let him catch up. Well at one point we went through two roundabouts back to back and well he saw me go through the first one but lost me at the second. He ended up taking the wrong exit and thinking that I was just biking fast ahead of him. He just kept on going, in the wrong direction. Well I got to the point where I was going to wait for him and I looked back and he was nowhere in sight. Dang it. So I biked back down to see if I could find him on the route just biking at his Jamaican pace, but I couldn't find him anywhere. We were already late for dinner so I decided to just bike back to the members house and have them help me find him. I went back out on my bike and the members went out in their car to see if we could find him, nothing. I finally biked to the church which we passed on our way to the dinner to see if he made it back there. But instead I found the Zone Leaders there preparing for a baptism which was to be later that night. So one of the Zone Leaders stayed with the Ward Mission Leader and the other went out with me to try and find Elder Smith. We drove and we drove and we just couldn't find him. He also didn't have the phone or know any of the phone numbers. So about an hour and a half later we rolled back up to the church and guess who we saw just pulling his bike into the church. Yep, Elder Smith. I don't know how but he had gotten himself lost and only found his way back to the church by using a fuzzy google maps map. Seeing as he didn't have any wifi. But we made it back together and the members just packed up the dinner and brought it to the church so we could still eat. After we found him I sat down with him and we had a, "what to do if you get lost," chat. I also made him write our phone number, the Zone Leaders phone number and Presidents phone number in his planner. I hope this will help if he tries to get lost again.

The work has been good but is has been a bit slow. We are both still really new to the area and we are trying to rebuild a lot. So not too much to report. But good things are to come. Elder Smith is way cool. He is a convert of just 3 years and is from Montego Bay, Jamaican. Before he came on his mission he was actually a chef specializing in Jamaican Classics. To be fair he hasn't cooked for me yet, but he promises that he is gonna make me something really nice.

Things are great. The Lord is good. The work is pressing forward. Hope you are all doing amazing.


Elder Kmetzsch

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