Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Quiet Week


Well Elder Hsu (shoe) is officially back in Taiwan and I have imported my next companion all the way from Jamaica! His name is Elder Smith. He has been on is mission just about a year now, and he is just absolutely a riot! Probably one of the funnier human beings that I have ever met. He just has that Caribbean spice to him.

This week was a little weird as in just strange and not normal. It started with the last two days of Elder Hsu's mission which was strange and got me thinking quite a bit. But then he left and Elder Smith came in. The day after Smith got here, so this is Wednesday morning, I woke up and I could not speak. My voice was completely gone....  For the next 4 days I would not be able to utter a word. For anyone who knows me well, they would know that I like to talk, a lot. I was quite poorly and unable to do much, but we did clean our flat really well. It was a quiet week for sure. But it ended with a sacrament talk on Sunday. I was getting pretty nervous Saturday night that my voice wasn't going to come back in time. Funny enough I woke up Sunday morning and nope there was no voice, but it was a little better, enough that I was able to squeak some words out. So I decided that I would just give the talk anyway, and it ended up being probably the best talk that I have given! The topic was what does the song, "A Child's Prayer," teach me about my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Words came to me that I hadn't planned and I really felt like I was listening to the spirit more, because I was having a hard time talking. It was a great learning experience for me on how sometimes you have to stop listening to yourself talk for a minute and you might just hear the spirit.

Besides that not too much happened because I was quite poorly and we stayed in to rest. But don't worry Mom, I am feeling great now and I can almost speak with my full voice.

I am sooo jealous that you all got to go to the Hewlett's cabin this week! I sure do miss those trips but mostly those people!

Glad all is well in Sunny Centerville.


Elder Kmetzsch

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