Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!


Well first off this week Elder Smith finally cooked some authentic Jamaican cuisine for me and let me tell you that boy can cook!! He made some Jamaican style curry chicken with Rice and Peas, which is rice and red kidney beans cooked in coconut milk with some other stuff in it. Man it was nice.

Well this being the week of Halloween and since Elder Smith is very easily frightened. I spent the week hiding behind corners and making interesting/creepy noises. Needless to say Elder Smith was getting a little tired of being scared. One of my favourites was hiding in-between the mattresses on my bed and when he came in I popped out and pinned him to his bed under my mattress! But after having gone through this all week, he came out of the bathroom Saturday morning only to find that I had put up some Halloween decorations, ha ha. 

Well, all of you guys are just the Cutest!! I really loved all of the Halloween costumes. I didn't really get to do all that much this halloween but it was still fun. We had to be inside of our flats by 6:00 because they don't want anything strange happening to us, ha ha! So it was a pretty quiet Halloween for us.

Not too much happened for us this week. We did manage to find some pretty awesome new investigators and hopefully next week they will be at church. All in all it was a pretty quiet week, besides the screams of Elder Smith! Also the biggest holiday for England this time of year is Remembrance Day. Everyone has a red poppy that they wear around for weeks and there is a big charity that everyone donates too.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.


Elder Kmetzsch

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