Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wooooaaah We're Halfway There!


Wooooaaah we're halfway there, wooooaaah livin on a prayer! It feels weird to have reached halfway. But those words have never been more true for me. I am truly living on a prayer. I pray in the morning, before studies, before comp study, as we go out the door, during the day, at lunch, at dinner, for all my appointments, to begin planning, to end planning, and before I go to bed. Truly my day is full of prayers and that isn't even mentioning all of the constant prayers I am saying in my heart. Prayer is such a power tool that we have as missionaries to align ourselves with Heavenly Father and to go where he wants us to go. I've definitely been learning the difference between a good prayer and a bad prayer. Genuine prayer is something that can be hard to do especially at 6:30 in the morning.... But we are getting there, I'm glad I have another year to learn more.

Wooooaaah we're halfway there! Woooooaaah Livin on a Prayer!

To answer the question about the random picture of food. Elder Torres got a package from his family in Brazil and it had loads of snacks and food in it! I thought Nate would like to see some of them, sorry I forgot to define it. I'll send another picture of a very delicious Brazilian style meal we made with rice black beans and steak with Farofa, it was way good.

Brazilian style meal
This week was pretty good. Pretty normal but pretty good! I'm back in the land of Chinese students accept there are even more than there were in Coventry! It's been really weird talking to them again cause I was getting way good at talking to the English students in Aberystwyth. Good thing there are English students at the university of Birmingham as well cause I am much better at talking to and teaching them. But I'm getting back into the swing of things and brushing-up my Chinese skills, ha ha! But I'm loving getting back to the simple truths of the gospel.


It seems like Nate and Brigs had an awesome trip. I'm super jealous and want to go to Nauvoo so bad, maybe next year! I could have guessed that they would run into Jess but I don't know who the other people are? Am I supposed to? But what is really amazing to me is how many of the people who lived in Nauvoo were people that lived where I am walking now. The early British saints were so important to the growth of the church and really the church wouldn't have survived without them.

We had a pretty cool experience this week. We were out talking to people and we stopped a guy from Bruma or something. But he was just like I really want to get baptized. We are definitely going to baptize him! Pray that when we see him this Saturday things will go well!

Well I hope ya'll have a great week! Happy 24th


Elder Kmetzsch

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