Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Interesting Interviews


That sign was just randomly placed on the drive from Aberystwyth to Swansea. We passed it all the time and as it got closer to my year I just had to stop and take a picture. I don't know what it is the halfway point for, but it's halfway!

Man I hope Dad is still in the teachers quorum next year so that I can go up to camp with him when I get back! That would be super fun! But it's sounds like he had a great time, and I'm sure the boys loved it. Dad is a great young men's leader, I'm so grateful that I had the chance to have him as my leader. Some of my best memories and learning moments from my Dad where on those camps. Love you paps!

Congratulations my dearly beloved brother Nathan on becoming a student doctor! What a cool thing that I get to tell people. Ha ha, my brother is a doctor well kinda. But now that you are a doctor it's time to shave your face a get a haircut! I love you but bro come on, ha ha!

I saw recently on the front page of a  newspaper an article that said, "Utah on high alert and Drivers are being Cautioned to stay off the Roads," as I kept reading it told a story about a crazy teenager who recently took to the roads named Emma. I'm not sure if it's you Ems but be careful out there! Try not to kill anyone okay?

Here's an update on Lin. Lin is absolutely amazing like sooo prepared and elect! We taught him the restoration and he literally freaked out, I kid you not he was pretty much speechless. It was truly incredible for me to get to teach someone with so much humility and desire to follow God. All he wants in the world is to find the right church and to live the way that God wants him to live. We set a date for him to be baptized in the first lesson and hopefully he will make that date. He is set to be baptized on the 16th of this month, so pray that he will make it to church this week and next. Also that all will go smoothly as we teach the lessons rather quickly in the next two weeks! He is such a miracle and I'm so thankful that the Lord put him into our path.

These last two weeks I've had the chance as the district leader to interview two people for baptism. What an amazing experience. Truly a testimony builder to me to see these amazing and humble people desiring to come into the fold of God. What a privilege it is to help them along the way. The first was a few weeks ago and his name is Roy. He's a cool dude. The second was this last Saturday and his name is Ming. Attached is a picture of me and Ming. I honestly think that I learned more in that interview than Ming would ever learn from me. An interesting thing that the branch president in Aberystwyth told me, he said that 100% of the people who truly know how to repent get baptized. I can testify that that is true. When someone really repents, they are humble enough to listen for the answers that God is giving them. Ming knows how to repent.

Ming at his baptism
To answer your question, we are kinda back on bikes. We live about two or three miles away from where we do most of our finding and teaching and the train and bus are lots faster than biking. So we normally will ride the train or take a bus and we have bus/train passes, but we also have our bikes for when we need to get around faster in the area that we are in. Haven't used the. Too much but we are planning to use them more.

These are two of the members in my ward. Doesn't the one on the right
look like Jamie's husband John?? I thought so, ha ha!
Hmm a little bit more about my companion. He is a funny little guy from Brazil from Rio to be exact. He has two siblings one older brother who just finished serving in the London mission and an older sister. Umm he likes to eat and like me has a love of video games if you have an questions I'm sure he'd love to answer them!

Well I hope ya'll have a great week!

Love You Bwts (butts/friends),

Elder Kmetzsch

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