Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From A to B


Now that's a fishing trip! I'm glad to see that you have repented of your evil ways! I would like to put in a request for one of those fishing trips the week after I get home. I will also be having some nice quality cousin time with Samwise!

Well I have officially been transferred. I have left my second home to continue on with my journey through the UK. I'm learning many things on this journey and I hope to share some of them with you. Well I guess I should tell you where I have been transferred. I have been transferred to Birmingham! I'm in the Harborne Ward which includes the city centre of Birmingham. It is like a night and day difference from Aberystwyth. I'm a little overwhelmed but we are working with it. It was hard to leave Aberystwyth but there really isn't anything I can do about it except to just work hard in my new area. I'm excited for the chance to be in a big ward again and to get to work with more missionaries! My new comp is from Brazil! His name is Elder Torres. But I have truly gone from A to B, (Aberystwyth to Birmingham).

Elder Kmetzsch and Elder Torres
I've already had some good times here in Birmingham though. There was a stake BBQ on Saturday that had some classic bouncy toys. My favourite one is the one where you strap yourself to a bungee cord and try and run as far as you can and then it whips you back. There was one of those and of course I had to try it but someone pretty funny happened. But first a little back story. A few weeks back my trousers started to develop a little hole and I didn't really think anything of it cause you couldn't see anything. So I just moved on with my life and then a few weeks later I noticed that the hole had grown a bit bigger so I half heartily sewed it a bit. Okay now back to the bungee run. Well as I ran down this bouncy runway a few times I noticed that things we starting to get really breezy.... Long story short I ripped my trousers. I can liken this story to sin. Sometimes we notice little bits of sin in our lives and we just brush it off because it is small and no one will really notice. But as time goes on that little sin becomes more noticeable so we halfheartedly try to repair it. Little do we realise that in a quick moment that little tear becomes a very big problem. Then you have to use some back up trousers that the bishop keeps in his office. Good thing we have priesthood leaders right? Ha ha

Well, loads has happened this week and I don't have to much time to write. But I love you all and will write more next week!


Elder Kmetzsch

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