Wednesday, July 8, 2015

End of an Era


Well I survived another week of driving in Wales, woot, woot. It was weird experiencing the 4th over here. I probably said God bless America more than I ever have before. It was strange not seeing crowds of people wearing tee shirts and American flag flip flops. It was actually a bit chilly on the 4th I had to where a jacket! But I had, "I'm Proud to be an American," stuck in my head all day and I missed blowing things up more than I ever thought I would. Next year on the 24th we are gonna go hard, ha ha! But it was a good day. Some American members made us some red white and blue potato salad and some cupcakes with red sprinkles. I guess it'll just have to do for this year.

My favourite outlook in Aberystwyth
Bigger than the 4th for us was the 3rd. We drove to Cardiff, a lovely two and a half hour drive and then got to meet our new mission president, President Leppard. Just say it with a slight French accent and you'll be pretty close to pronouncing it right. The only way to describe my first impression of President Leppard is that he is just a lad. Simply he was just down to earth and funny and I'm really excited to get to have him as my mission President. He was asked what his plan for the mission was and he just said, "We are going to do the simple things well." I think that is soo important. There are a lot of missionaries who get caught up in trying to be too unique and think too far out of the box. They forget to think about doing the little things and if you do the little things well, then success will come and you will be a great missionary. It is sad to see President Rasmussen go, but it is time to usher in a new era in the England Birmingham Mission and I'm glad that I've get the chance to be apart of both.

This week is transfer week, and my time in Aberystwyth may be coming to a close. It has been an awesome five months and I wouldn't mind staying another 6 weeks. But that's not up to me, that's up to the Lord. We will find out tonight whether or not I'm leaving, so I'll let you know next week!

Summer in Wales is just too beautiful!!!
The whole of Aberystwyth, it is pretty crazy

So I totally forgot to tell you the crazy thing that happened a few weeks back. Okay so we were just walking around talking to people and we walked past this hotel on our way back in to get a drink or something and this lady knocked on the window and started waving at us and gave us a big thumbs up. So we gave her a big thumbs up and just kept walking. We went to our flat for a minute got a drink and then went back out to do some more finding and we walked past the hotel again seeing as it is on our street. Well this lady ran outside and was like "Elders!" so we went over and talked to her. Turns out she was a member from Orem, the BYU shirt gave her away, but we got talking and she asked us where we were from and I said Centerville. I asked if she knew anyone from Centerville. She was like yeah do you know the Redds? I was like Merica Redd? She was like yeah Merica is my Niece. So I met Merica's Aunt on the streets of Aberystwyth, small world huh? Not only is she Merica's aunt but apparently her daughter is dating Kyle Lemperie. I thought it was pretty cool to see someone who knew people I knew on the streets.

Well I love you loads and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kmetzsch

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