Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dear Family,

Wait was this week Thanksgiving?!?!? Too bad they don't celebrate it over here! But don't worry we had a wonderfully nice family make us a great Thanksgiving dinner. There was stuffing, pumpkin pie and even cranberry sauce! It was very nice, but I did miss Kitty's yams and Mom's stuffing! And where is my carrot pudding? Thanksgiving was weird because it was just a normal day besides the fact that I had to bike 45 minutes to get dinner. It was worth it. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for Louise! She was baptized this week and it was such a special experience! She brought her Grandma with her and her grandma definitely felt the spirit! She cried from the moment Louise went under the water until they went home. Man I really hope it softens her heart toward listening to the missionaries, cause that is what we are about right? We bring families closer together through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Being at the baptism on Saturday and seeing what we were able to do has given me an insight to why I am here. I have seen what the gospel can do in peoples lives and it's my job to share it! 

Louise's Baptism

This week has been a really cool one. Besides the baptism, we have started the "He is the Gift" Initiative which is a special world wide Christmas initiative that the church is doing. You have probably heard about it, but it is a major thing for the missionaries. We have new pass along cards and are focusing every conversation that we have with people on the first gift of Christmas. The gift that God gave us was Jesus Christ. We have been doing this new approach for a couple of days now and have already seen some amazing things begin to happen with it. I love Christmas and what it really means. I don't think I could give up my son and watch him suffer like Heavenly Father did. But because he did I can return home to him, and that is something I am very thankful for!

Things are continuing to go great with lots of our investigators especially Chris and Marco. They are seriously the coolest! We had dinner with them the other night and Chris made us some real Chinese food. I am not gonna lie, it tasted a lot like Raman but hey it was great! 

It seems like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I'm sure that it was loads of fun and I wish that I could have been there. I sure miss you all and hope you aren't having too much fun without me. 

Love you guys,

Elder Kmetzsch

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