Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas and Comp Cardies


It was so nice to talk to everyone last week! I very much enjoyed it. I hope you liked hearing Magnus (Elder Costigan) talk! He has a cool accent! I love his guts. 

Looks like you guys had quite the Christmas!  We actually got a really nice present from the weather man as well. It was the day after Christmas but it was the thought that counts. We were at a members house for dinner and we looked outside and to our surprise it was snowing!!!! It snowed for a solid half an hour, just long enough for have Elder Costigan to have his first snowball fight! He was like a little kid running around. He could hardly believe his eyes, snow was actually falling from the sky. He was mind blown, ha ha! It really makes you appreciate the beauty of snow when you watch someone who has never seen snow before react to it. It was hilarious! He just couldn't believe how cold his hands got during the snowball fight and was amazed that it actually fell in flakes. It was a wonderful Christmas present cause I have been missing the snow very much. 

Boxing day didn't turn out to be as much of a success as I would have hoped. I haven't found a suit yet, but there are still sales on today and I will see if I can't get a good one. If I can't find one then I won't be sending home anything anytime soon. Even though we didn't find a suit, we did have success in finding cardigans. We found some really cool cardigans for way cheap and just had to get them! So now we have matching ties and matching cardigans, or Cardies as Elder Costigan says. They are pretty cool! So wish me luck in finding a nice suit today! I know with enough faith anything is possible, ha ha!

They rest of our week hasn't been very eventful because nobody is around! Everyone is on holiday or with family, so it is hard to get appointments. Christmas is over now so hopefully things will start to pick back up! I love you guys lots and hope all goes well with your New Years Eve party this year! Tell everyone I miss them and to not have too much fun without me! Not that you could, but you could certainly try!

Love you,

Elder Kmetzsch

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