Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Carols and Confirmations


Man this week has gone by super fast! Actually the last month with Elder Costigan has flown by. I feel like we just got together last week, but it is almost the end of the transfer. I really am hoping to stay in Coventry for another transfer, but I may leave. If I do leave it'll be on the 17th right before Christmas!!! There are a lot of members that want to have us over and I'll be pretty bummed if I leave. But they always say once you are comfortable in an area then you get transferred. 

Happy Birthday Lil Darling! You are sooo Old! I can't believe they are going to let you drive, and just so you know I didn't study for my permit test and it only took me two tries to pass;) I know everyone says it, but I am really glad that I am in a different country now that you are going to be on the road! 

Well this week was a bit of a crazy one. Chris, Marco and Arnold all got baptized this last Saturday! We had planned for Arnold to be baptized next week, but out of the blue Elder Costigan decided he needed to be baptized this week, (in the middle of a lesson). So we challenged him and he was ready. All three of them are Chinese Students and pretty much just my best friends. I really find it amazing to teach someone who has no background in religion or of God! To see that first moment when they realize that God is there and that he loves them and cares about everyone. It has really made me appreciate what I have. I never doubted that God was there, and I have always known and felt his love. A lot of people in this world don't know about that. They need it so bad, once they realize how much God loves us it changes them. I can honestly see a difference in the light that they have. Arnold is like a completely different person and Marco just quit smoking like it was nothing! 

Marco, Arnold and Chris

The baptism was really amazing and I finally got to baptize someone that I found and taught! I baptized Chris, Elder Costigan baptized Arnold and a Chinese member from Hong Kong named Derek baptized Marco. Marco is from a city near Hong Kong so he speaks Cantonese! Is was extremely special to baptized Chris. The next day was the confirmations of course and we were scrambling in the morning to get a hold of the Chinese members so that they could have them done in Chinese, but of course we couldn't. So last minute I had to do one of the confirmations and I can assure you that I had never been so nervous! It was my first time and it was in front of the whole ward! But I just relaxed and let the Lord say what he wanted to. Honestly if we just trust that he will give us the words they will come. But it was still a pretty scary experience. 

Sunday night was pretty cool. The stake had a, "Christmas Carol Concert," it was a big deal too! The Lord Mayor of Coventry came and everything. Basically all the ward choirs prepared a song or two and then there was scriptures and sing along carols. It was good fun and I enjoyed just singing my heart out, sometimes people gave me weird looks but I didn't even care. There was also one song where they told the story of the German Soldier singing silent night during WWI and they had someone start singing it in German and then all around the room people started standing up dressed in army uniforms singing silent night and for the last verse everybody joined in. It was a very spiritual experience, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. This year was a big year over here with it being 100 years since WWl so it was a really cool presentation. 

The rest of the week was full of fun and craziness. I hope things are just as crazy for you guys. Give everyone my love! 


Elder Kmetzsch

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