Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wait, Are These Dog Treats?


Sorry this is going to be a short email cause not much happened this week. 

I'm glad that Emma's first concert went well! But what is this, talking pictures with boys! Stay clear of those boys Ems! I'm super jealous you guys got to go to Jekyll and Hyde! I'm sure that it was amazing. I really miss music a ton. Mum will be happy to know that I have been playing piano when I get the chance to and am really finding a lot of joy in it. I think that I've finally realized that I shouldn't have quit. Sorry MUM!!! But you were right. I miss piano a lot and think I'll play more when I get home. 

This week we have seen some amazing progress with a less-active we are working with. His name is Allen actually. Allen is Diabetic and had run out of food. He had some money stolen and couldn't afford to buy any more food. When we saw him he was really worried so we said a prayer that he would be able to make it until he got paid. Ten minutes after we left his friend came up to him and said that he had some extra pizza's in the fridge that Allen could have. Little did his friend know that Allen had run out of food. It may not seem like a huge miracle to us, but to Allen it completely changed his perception on prayer. He realized that you can pray for specific things for yourself and if you need it Heavenly Father will answer your prayer. It really strengthened his testimony and my testimony of the power of prayer.

The other semi-interesting thing that happen this week happened when we ran into one of the members. We were on our way home from a dinner appointment and ran into one of the members and her son. They had just come from the store and had bought some treats for his classmates. He wanted to share these treats with the missionaries of course. The treats that they had purchased seemed to be an advent calendar with puppies on it. When they gave the "chocolates" too us I looked at it and was very confused as to why it was shaped like a dog-bone. Turns out that it was an advent calendar for dogs. The member was very embarrassed that she tried to feed the Elders dog treats but me and Elder Worlton just laughed. It was pretty dang funny!

We also carved pumpkins today. I tried to freehand Frankenstein's monster and it turned out pretty good! The sisters also roasted some pumpkin seeds for us and they were delicious.  

Carving pumpkins at the church.

I found a cute red cowboy hat!
Other than that my week was fairly boring minus the person literally running away from me when I tried to approach her on the street. I didn't know I was that bad looking....

Love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Kmetzsch  

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