Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle


Yes my email was focused on food, but hey it's like you said I guess there is a sixth love language. Those apples look huge! I guess all the fruit tree's needed to start producing like crazy was for me to leave the country! Seriously if my next package doesn't contain something made with plums and/or apples I am going to be a little bit disappointed. This time of year just makes me want a nice big bowl of some of the Kmetzsch World Famous Apple Sauce with lots of cream! Especially now that it has started to get pretty chilly here in England. But fall isn't quite as good here because it gets cold so fast the trees don't really have time to change color, all the leaves are just dying. I miss the reds and the yellows that you get back in good old Utah.

Well on to my week. This week has been the slowest yet fastest week of my mission. Not particularly much happened besides just loads of street contacting and getting rejected. But we did have a few events that helped the week go by quicker.  

First was a service project that we did for a less-active members Mom. When I first got there I honestly didn't think there was a back garden. We walked to the side of the house and there was just a wall of stinging nettle and tree branches. There were four of us there and we just went at it, cutting, chopping and hauling. Eventually we found the back garden! I honestly felt like I was in a different country. We spent a good amount of time chopping things up and are going back tomorrow to do more. I sent a video of us there, we started talking about star wars and then the star wars noises started happening and it was a good time! I love the opportunity we have as missionaries to serve not only in preaching the gospel, but in just giving someone a hand with an overgrown garden. Life is about serving each other and just helping everyone along the way. 

The next highlight of my week was my first interview with President Rasmussen since my first day in the field. President Rasmussen is the man! He really is such a great and inspired leader. It's gonna be a sad day when he goes home. Interviews are also great cause you get to see all the missionaries in the Zone and I love seeing all my buddies from the MTC. 

Today I got to go to the Transport Museum. I think this is the best thing about Coventry by far! It is a huge/free museum all about the history of transportation in Coventry. Basically just a bunch of old classic cars. It goes through a lot about WWII as well, which was super interesting. Dad would have loved it! I'm hoping to go back another time so I can go a little slower and read more. There were a lot of cool facts. The fastest car in the world is in the museum. It has a record of 763 mph. The car is super cool. I loved looking at all the classic cars, and just seeing how much history really is in Coventry. 

Overall a pretty good week and looking forward to an even better one this week!

Love you bunches,

Elder Kmetzsch      

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