Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away


Seriously, I am soooooooo SICK of the rain..... It has been raining like crazy this last week and I am done! It is like impossible to do anything when it is raining cause nobody wants to talk to us in the rain. We can't even do service projects when it is raining. Needless to say if it decides to rain when I get home I am going to be hugely disappointed. So if everyone could just join with me in prayer that it won't be raining in Utah in July, that would be much appreciated! I am sooo insanely excited to go to St. George! Thank you mother for being the best and probably putting a lot of effort and planning into making this happen! Love you!

DAD!! Happy Fathers Day!!!!! Yesterday we had a great program at church all about dads and how great they are. I couldn't help but think about my amazing father and just how very much that he has done for me. Love you dad and again happy Father's Day! One perk of being a missionary is that when they have leftover Father's Day chocolate they usually share it with us! Also Happy Fathers Day to Craig and Cameron! And Happy birthday to Craig! Someone call him an old fart for me!

Ahh, that is so exciting that you got to meet the Solomon's! Brother Solomon is quite the joker, haha. We had some good times up in Nottingham together. I hope that he only told you guys the good stuff!! It is really cool that you met them. I also really like the garden boxes and can't wait to eat some zucchini bread from the zucchini that you are about to grow!!

The Chishiri family is amazing! Patricia is the mother and the two girls that we are teaching are Brianna and Courtney! The girls were born in England and so they sound pretty English but Patricia sounds very African! It's great and they are an amazing family. Cool story about them. We had a lesson with them this week and since Patricia is a Single mom and there aren't any males in the house we have to take a member with us to every lesson. Well are usual member broke his hand this week and so he wasn't able to go. So we were calling everybody trying to find someone who could come to this lesson with us and we could not find anybody!! Well the lesson was a 7:00 and we had dinner with some members at 5:30. They are an older couple so I didn't think they'd be able to help us out. But as our last ditch effort before we had to cancel the lesson we asked if he could come with us at the end of dinner. Turns out he drives, (even though I didn't see a car in the driveway), and he was able to come teaching with us. It was a small miracle but it was big to us because the baptism is coming up fast and we have a lot to teach them before that happens! Heavenly Father bailed us out on this one.

Not too much else happened this week,  we just got really really wet and kinda irritated, but we saw the hand of the Lord and had some good fun. Love you all and hope that y'all have a great week!

Love ya,

Elder Kmetzsch

We enjoyed a nice game of Laser Tag today! It was way fun!!

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