Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BYU Dancers


Father sometimes I question whether or not you actually read the emails that I send. No I don't think Costco was a shock for Elder Lam because he is not from China, he is from Hong Kong. I swear on my life that I mentioned that but anyways, yeah he wasn't too shocked. It was great though and I am enjoying my peanut butter a lot.

We did not get to go and see the BYU Dancers perform, but they did come to our church on Sunday, so we still got to see them. They also had a pretty cool little fireside that we got to go to last night. It was cool because one of the Dancers served in the Quezon City mission with Brigham. So he was like your Elder Kmetzsch's little brother! And I was like yep I'm little Kmetzsch. It was cool to talk to him and all the other dancers. They won the British Championships this year which was way cool for them. They are a very talented bunch.

So did you guys end up getting to meet the Solomons?? If you did you probably know that they are from Nottingham. They are a really great couple, Brother Solomon is actually related to Elder Shaw by marriage so that was cool. I hope you did get to meet them cause they are great and if you did I hope you took pictures, haha.

I will definitely keep Uncle Al in my prayers. But somebody has got to tell him to stop getting sick! It has been crazy humid here this last week. It was quite warm and really humid as well. The English term for how the weather has been is "muggy" not a nice warm to have. But we actually had a really big thunderstorm this last Friday as well and it cool things down. It cleared the air out and things are much nicer now. Though we got absolutely soaked in the storm, but such is life.

In exciting news we have been working with a part member family from Zimbabwe, well the mother is from Zimbabwe and the girls were born in England. She is a single mom with 3 daughters and her and the oldest daughter was baptized but the younger two are not. They have been less active for a few years and recently have been coming back to church. We had a amazing lesson with them on Friday and have set a date for the girls to be baptized! It's very exciting for them and they are progressing so well! Howard is also doing well but he hurt his back this week and we were able to see him as much as we would have liked.

Things sound exciting back home. You know you are getting old when you start getting more into gardening right Dad?? Haha, but I'm excited to eat some of those fresh zucchini maybe in a freshly baked zucchini bread?? I'm glad Dads calling is going so well. The Book of Mormon is such an amazing book. It truly does change lives and when we read it every day it can change ours.

I love you all and am so looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Love you,

Elder Kmetzsch

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