Thursday, June 9, 2016

Darkness Falls across the Land


It has been a fun week of catching up with Elder Lam. I'm really glad that I'm serving with an old friend rather than someone that I don't know here at the end. But unfortunately for Elder Lam that meant that he had to come and experience the cold weather of Leicester. For the last week or two we have just had a crazy cold spell and I'm just thinking to myself, what the flip it's flippin JUNE!!! Why is it soooo cold and rainy, but that's just England. The sun finally came out yesterday and today looks like it is going to be a winner. I was talking to someone at church and we decided that the Angel in charge of the weather for Leicester pushed a wrong button on accident. Then left for a bathroom break only to come back to see that he had sent us back into winter. One of the days this week was actually colder than it was on Christmas Day. Needless to say I'm excited to see the sun again cause I haven't see him in a week or two.

This week was cool we got to go to Costco!! There is a Costco in our area and one of the members offered to take us along. Of course I said yes, haha! We walked in and I looked at Elder Lam and said, "Welcome to America." It was just great. I bought some Skippy peanut butter and some Pop-Tarts, good stuff! And we of course got a hot dog and a drink. Which was soo good. I'm a happy guy now that I have my American peanut butter cause the English stuff is just wrong.... And Pop-Tarts
what a great invention.

On another note and back to missionary work. But it was a good week. Nothing too exciting happened. We did however get to practice our missionary skills for selling stuff. So the BYU Dancers are coming to Leicester and they needed people to market for them and pass out fliers in town. It was crazy trying to pass out cards for a dance group rather than talk about the church. It felt really strange, and I realized that people are not just avoided me as a missionary they just hate people that are handing out stuff. Or maybe it's because I looked like a missionary and they thought I was pushing religion on them. Finally I was like hey, it's a dance group. Then they were like, oh okay I'll take a card. Funny how people blow off stuff before they even realize what it is. The dancers are coming this weekend and we might actually get to go watch the show but we will see what happens.

Our investigators are doing well. Howard is doing really well. We get to see him once a week and he is progressing really well! It's going to take a bit of time because of circumstances, but he has already given up smoking and drinking and has come to church the last few weeks in a row! He is a really funny guy and it's fun to teach him.

It sounds like you guys had a crazy week! Emma sounds like she has just done waaaaay too much partying and needs to calm down and start doing some work around the house, Haha! I remember those days though, we had some good times. Especially the first few days after school ended. I'm sure Dad was feeling it, he is an old man now!! But I wish it was 90 degrees here.... Can't wait to be back in the sunshine! I am sure that Mom did a great job with all the little primary girls, she is an actress at heart!

Elder Lam has been out about 18 months so between us we have about 40 months of missionary experience. Things are going really great with us and things are just good. We are having fun and working hard.

Hope all is well for everyone! Love you all!

-Elder Kmetzsch

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