Thursday, April 14, 2016

What the Referrals???


Well I will just jump straight into it! This week has been yet again full of miracles. First off just a quick update Callum, (he is our investigator who's mother passed away), is doing absolutely great. He was offered a new job over the weekend after he quit both of his jobs because he was surrounded with things that were causing him to break the word of wisdom. Which was a miracle!!!! He is doing awesome, keep praying for him. Boris is also doing well your prayers are much appreciated on his behalf. We also had yet another investigator find us this Sunday! A new member named Iby in the ward just happened to bring her friend along to church with her and we will be meeting with him later this week. Plus we are having quite a few media referrals come in from the website which just doesn't happen that often! It is blowing my mind with how much has happened within the last few weeks. Truly the Lord is blessing us beyond comprehension.

Man Mom you better get better quick, I will worry way too much if you don't. But I am glad that you guys had such a great time with all the grand-babies! I can't say how excited I am to see them all! And it's good that you got to watch conference! That is important. It is weird to me that next conference I will be home..... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! But I loved conference, they say that conference on a mission is like the super bowl, ha ha and that is true.

Picture of the zone at zone meeting this week
I had a pretty sweet experience this week. I got to drive the AP's Car, haha!! We had to transport a couch within the zone and so we switched for the Transporter. It was absolutely huge!!!!! It is almost as big as the sequoia, haha. But is was fun to drive a big car again. English cars are just not big enough!

Well I don't have too much to say. I hope you all have a great week.

Love you Bwtts,

Elder Kmetzsch

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