Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Challenge Week


Man those pictures are amazing! Evey looks soooo BIG like wow.... And little Clara is so adorable, I cannot way to meet her. I'm glad that everything went well with the trip and that everyone had fun and is safe. Mother you make sure that you slow down and let yourself heal!

The AP's car is a European car but it is really long and you feel really high up in it compared to our little hatchback. It was cool to be on the same level as the bus drivers! Dad you should definitely go all mid life crisis and get a really nice truck, or a Jeep that would be cool. Ooooor you could get some motorcycles and me and you could go cross country father son style! I like the last option the best you should really look into it. But it was really nice to get our nice little small car back after a few days, the roads are much too small here to be driving a car that size.

Have I not always said that I have the cutest little sister in the whole of Centerville. I'm not even surprised that she got nominated to be prom royalty! All the boys love her!!!! Haha, but that's really amazing Ems, good work. You tell those boys to stay away!!

I'm glad someone finally went to church with Emma. I think the ward probably thinks that you guys are going less active or something! But you'll have to let me know who the new stake presidency is if I may know any of them. I love coach Hymas and that would be way cool if it was him.

On to the week. So this week was the first ever Birmingham Mission Challenge Week!!!! It was a zone vs zone competition to the Death! Basically there were three challenges a day with the occasional mission president challenge. Challenges could range anywhere from teaching 6 lessons to touching 10 cats. It was absolutely insane and people were going crazy....... The rewards were a zone P-day for the winning zone, hoodies for the winning district and dinner with President Leppard for the winning team. People were going crazy and some of the challenges were really hard. We did our best and we will find out who won tonight. It should be interesting. But I don't think we are going to win, haha.

Things in the area are still going really good. Callum is doing well and so is Boris, keep praying for them!! I hope you all have a great week!

Love you all!

Elder Kmetzsch

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