Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Miracles on Miracles


Man it looks like you guys are having waaaaaaaaay too much fun over on the east coast. There is actually a sister missionary in my district from South Carolina and she was pretty excited to hear that you guys went there. I hope you don't use up all the fun for the year cause I'm gonna need you to leave a little for me for when I get back!! But cool story, we found an American breakfast place here in Nottingham run by an actually American!!! We went this morning for breakfast and I got the southern fried steak and Elder Wagner got biscuits and gravy. It was pretty darn good! I'll probably go back for a return visit. Actually I will definitely be going back to try one of there burgers.

Alright so on to the Miracles! Okay so Saturday morning at about 6:33 I wandered downstairs in a zombie like fashion, as you do when it's 6:30 in the morning.... But I looked at the phone and we had a message. It was a message from a guy whose mother had just passed away who was a member up in Scotland. He said he had been chatting with missionaries all night and that it was his mom's dying wish for him to find faith. Anyway we set up a return appointment for that very morning and we went to see him. We taught one of the most powerful Plan of Salvation lessons that I have ever taught in my entire life. The spirit was so strong and he is soooo prepared for the gospel. He came to general conference yesterday and loved it. Please pray for him. He decided that in order to fully commit to the gospel he needed to quit his job, because he is surrounded by alcohol and coffee and things that he didn't want to be around anymore. But he definitely needs your prayers.

Boris also came to conference! We asked him to bring a question that he wanted answered and afterwards he said that his question was answered,so that's pretty good! Things are really picking up for us over here! Life is good, Truly Miracles on Miracles!

We also had a great Mission leadership council this week. It was full of great training and I can't wait to train the zone on the things that we have learned.

Life is good and I hope life is good for y'all back in the good old US of A! Have a great week.


Elder Kmetzsch

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