Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Transferred to the Pacific


I will definitely tell the ward that you send your appreciation. I don't know if I mentioned but I shared the caramel that Mom sent over with some of the members and they went absolutely crazy for it. One member said that it had reached perfection! So good job Mom you made a lot of people happy! I am so glad that there are such great members here in Nottingham. It is really turning out to be one of my very favourite areas and I am glad that I get to stay here for quite awhile longer. Well unfortunately Elder Shaw has been transferred for his last transfer. He is gone off to Swansea to finish his mission. I have stayed here in Nottingham and my new companion is Elder Tukuafu (Tu-ku-auf-oo) and he is from Tonga!! I have loved getting to serve with so many Non-Americans and now my collection of foreign companions has branched into the Pacific Islands! We get along really great and are having some good laughs already. Why I say that I will be in Nottingham for a long while is because Elder Tukuafu is in the same group as Elder Shaw and will be going home next transfer. So I will for sure be here for another two transfers at least. 

My new companion Elder Tukuafu
My thoughts and my prayers are definitely with Kate and Cam. I am just so grateful for the gospel in our lives to help us through these hard times. Everything that is wrong about this life will be made up for and corrected by and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Loss is never easy in our lives but with Christ nothing is truly lost.

I must admit that the weather certainly has been better now that Elder Beckstrand has left the UK!!!! Maybe he was the one that has been keeping the sun from shining! But I am sure that the Scotland Ireland mission just won't be quite the same without a Beckstrand causing mischief. It is crazy to think that he is home though.

I hope that all went well for Dad and his new calling this week. I know that he has much to give to the Farmington YSA. I am sure he will be around people that I know from school. I did hear about Emma going on a date with a Senior boy!!!! I have already given my council to her in a private email, but she is smart and will do what is best! I am not excited about starting college and not being able to jump through the hoops anymore.... High school was just way too easy. I am glad that my mission has been teaching me what hard work is.

Well the main event of this week was transfers. We also had our MLC (Mission Leadership council). I really felt the spirit a lot as we talked about how we can help the mission change and grow in the best way. Elder Tukuafu has been settling in well even if it is just for 6 weeks and things are going to be great this coming week! I hope all of you are having the best of times and that you have a great week.


Elder Kmetzsch

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