Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Old Fashioned Way


Christmas is coming the Goose is getting fat! And so am I being back in a car.... But don't worry I'm making some good new years goals to get nice and trim before I come home! Well I guess I'll just tell you how my week was.

It all started with an exchange to a place called Boston. This exchange just happened to be with an Elder by the name of Mordue, who just happens to live in Farmington Utah. As it just so happens he
went to the great school of Viewmont. He is a year younger than me and we never really saw each other at school, but we have loads of friends in common! Plus he went to Viewmont which is just awesome. There was only one other missionary from Viewmont in the mission but he went home ages ago. It was a pretty rocking exchange and we had loads of fun. Seeing as Boston is a large area like Aberystwyth, we had quite a bit of driving time which meant that we got to talk about the good old days. It was unbelievably nice to talk to someone who basically lived the same life as me. We both agreed that when you are in Utah you don't realize or appreciate how similar everyone is, ha ha. We ended up having to do a two night exchange cause things came up in Nottingham that prevented Elder Shaw from picking me up after just one day, but I didn't complain.

 Elder Stout, Shaw, me and Elder Mordue
This is all of our district leaders and the sister training leaders.
The next item of business was my first Zone Meeting. Well I guess it wasn't my first one cause I've been to about 18 but it was the first one that I was running. Things went really smoothly and the spirit was really strong. I wasn't too nervous, but a bit jittery as it got closer. I am just glad that it is over. We also have transfers this week. It came a week early because of Christmas, but I don't think that me or Elder Shaw will be leaving. But we will see what happens tonight.

Zone meeting, "Christmas Initiative"  

We had an amazing miracle that happened this week and I want to tell you about it.  Well we were unsure of where to go tracting so we decided to ask the Lord. We both got the same post code which was great and pretty specific, and then we picked five streets out of that post code that impressed us. We then decided to go and pray separately about the streets and pick three that we would go and tract. We went to separate rooms and prayed and came back together, but only had two of the same streets. So we took the other two that were potentials and prayed again. We came up with the same street after that. We then decided to pray about one of those streets that we could stop by that night. Well after receiving our answer we went out and later that night we went to the street. Pretty soon into tracting we found a young couple who gave us there number and invited us back, which was
cool. But even cooler was the last house that we knocked. A girl named Ashley answered and said she lived there with her Mom and her brother. She invited us back and yesterday we got to teach her. It was probably the best first lesson I have ever had and at the end she accepted the invitation to be baptized on a specific date! It was crazy. The spirit was super strong and she even admitted and recognized that she was feeling the spirit. It is a small and simple thing, but we are very grateful to the Lord for guiding us to her. I love this whole miracle thing!

We are with the family whose son will be baptized soon!
So just to put Moms worrying heart at ease I got my Christmas package this week! And don't worry I didn't open it, it is just sitting underneath our Christmas tree. Man that thing is heavy! But thank you
for sending it. In other news this week I had a really nice dinner that is worth mentioning. There is a member here in Nottingham that is from American and she lived a lot of her life in Texas. Well to make a long story short she made us some Tex-Mex for dinner. Enchiladas, guacamole and homemade salsa. She even made that chicken enchilada casserole that mom makes! Anyway is was by far the best Mexican that I have had in England and I am even more excited for Mexican food when I come home. 

Utah is playing BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I Can't believe I am missing it!! And of course I will be cheering for Utah! I haven't gone to BYU yet! There is still time for me to change my mind.....

Can I just say to the world that my little sister it a Hottie! Dang Girl!! But that boy on the other hand.... Did anyone tell him that he needs a haircut?? Cause I was just thinking he looked like Sunshine from Remember the Titians....  Just a little Fruit Cake, ha ha. I remember my first dance, oh those were some good times.

Me as Ironman
I don't know exactly what time I will be skyping but it should be around 7:00 my time which would be about mid-day for you guys. I will let you know for sure next week..

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Kmetzsch

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