Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Power of Prayer


Faith Proceeds the Miracle, and let me tell you sometimes it takes a lot of faith and a really hard week to see a miracle. The week was normal enough. On p-day we had a rocking time with the district seeing Wayne Manor and pretending we were Batman, well maybe that was just me. But it was a great day. Tuesday I went on exchange to an area called Lincoln. One of the best and coolest things about being a Zone Leader is that you get to go on exchanges with all of the District Leaders in your zone. Can I just tell you that we have four of the best District Leaders in the mission and I am so glad that I get to go on exchange with them.

The First exchange that I did was with Elder Nogueroles. He is the District Leader in the Lincoln district and  man was it a fun exchange. We were wandering  around Lincoln street contacting and we happened upon a hill called Steep Hill, and let me tell you this hill was crazy, it blew my mind. But anyway halfway up steep hill we found the Strait and Narrow pub hahaha Cracks me up that there is a pub named, "The Strait and Narrow" See attached picture for a good laugh. After we found the Strait and Narrow we happened upon the biggest cathedral that I have ever seen. Pictures aren't very good cause it wasn't p-day so I just snapped a quick photo. But this thing was like bigger than the Salt Lake Temple. It was a crazy fun day and just an all around good time. 

The Second exchange that I went on was with our District leader in Nottingham, Elder Shumway. Man, oh man I Love Elder Shumway. He has a heart of Gold and I just felt like he was teaching me the whole time, which he really was. We had a great learning experience together of just stopping right in the middle of planning and asking the Lord where he wanted to schedule that stop by and both got the same answer. Funny enough the next day worked out nearly perfect and we were able to see most of the people we planned on stopping by. It is a simple thing but I think we both learned a great lesson. I love Elder Shumway. 

Well me and Elder Shaw saw an amazing miracle this last Sunday. We haven't had a lot of success this week and we were just really confused. We are taking Presidents training and really trying to find different ways of finding but just nothing was working. People weren't showing up for appointments and investigators were dropping us left and right. Saturday night we were just down and we needed a miracle. We had nobody committed to come to church and that is just not good. So we prayed and prayed mightily that the Lord would provide an investigator at church for us. So Sunday morning rolls around and we are at church early cause well we are missionaries. And the ward mission leader comes up to us to tell us some exciting news. Apparently one of the recent converts of just 6 months wants her 9 year old son to get baptized and she wants the baptism to be in January! We arranged so that we can start teaching him and hopefully his non member father the lessons. What a miracle! Out of nowhere we get a new investigator, one investigator at church and a new baptismal date. It really was an amazing and faith building experience to have an ernest prayer answered so quickly. 

We also did a District Service project this week. We helped clean out the basement of a less active members home. Man that place was nasty.... Like everything has just deteriorated into nothing and there was just a bunch of bits of furniture mold and dirt with some scattered bits of glass and wood. It was a fun time with the whole district and we banded closer. It was a good time.

I'm glad to hear that all is well. I had my first MLC (mission leadership council) this week. It was really cool to be with all the zone leaders and president and to receive the training that I am going to have to give to My zone. But it was great to see some good friends. 

Hope you all have a great week. Happy Birthday Ems!!! 


Elder Kmetzsch 

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