Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Week of Thanksgiving


What a week. It was full of many miracles and a lot of craziness and tiredness. We have been relentlessly trying to find new investigators and pick up where the last Elders left off. My entire mission the main method of finding has been street contacting, really the only method of finding. President Leppard is really trying to expand the missions methods to a more thought out and planned way of finding. We have been having loads of training on how we can find in different ways. The training is really pointless if you don't apply it, so me and Elder Shaw have been really trying to use these different methods. We have even gotten tight with the family history consultants in the ward and went and did some family history with them. Turns out family history is supposedly one of Britons favourite pass times, and the whole area is making a big push with it. Besides family history we have also tried our hand with some tracting. We actually saw a really cool miracle.

Me and Elder Shaw

Wayne Manor is in Nottingham
So my whole mission I have done relatively little in the way of tracting and I have never seen any success doing it. I have never had a return appointment and never been let in. So we were out tracting and we had knocked on ever door down this one street and no one had even let us finish introducing ourselves. I was just thinking to myself, this is a flippin waste of time. We should be out talking to people in the city center thats what I am much better at. Well we came to the last house, as it always does, and a man opened the door. We explained who we were and he told us he recently started being really active in his church and had a renewed faith in Jesus Christ. He let us in for a warm drink cause it was dang cold!! We had a wonderful conversation about his family, he has a wife and two kids by the way. We got to talk about the prophet and apostles and leave a Book of Mormon with him. He invited us back for dinner sometime cause he was just really impressed by what we do. Man I was buzzing! He was a normal English guy in his 50's that has a normal family. It blows my Mind. God is good you guys, God is good.

Along with our other methods we have been really focusing on getting to know the ward, especially the auxiliaries and ward council. I think it is really starting to work because we have a dinner appointment for almost every night this week! Speaking of Dinner, Thanksgiving was a wonderful and very normal day. The day started with a little miracle of God just letting me know that he loved me. So I totally spaced buying a grapefruit on Wednesday night and I was like, "dang it." But I woke up in the morning and I looked in the fridge and since we whitewashed in, the other Elders had left behind quite a bit of food. I hadn't looked through all the fruit and when I did, there just happened to be one grapefruit in a plastic bag that I thought was an orange. So I had grapefruit for breakfast. Then that night we had a very lovely English Thanksgiving dinner, complete with stuffing and cranberry sauce! It was an awesome family as well, so we laughed and played some games. Then yesterday to top it all off we had dinner with a family and for dessert they brought out a pumpkin pie!! Man, oh man was that a delicious pumpkin pie. I am very grateful for the amazing members of the Nottingham 1st ward!

Thanksgiving was good here, but it will just never be as good as home. I can't wait to be there next year and for all you cousins out there you'd better be there too! Ha ha, I was telling everybody about all of our fun family traditions. But it was great to be able to share that with others and to help them feel the true spirit of Thanksgiving. I hope Emma and Brig watched the Parade and the Dog show, ha ha. Who was the overall Winner??

We also got to put up some Christmas Decorations. I will send you guys the video of us putting up the tree! It was a great week full of a lot of work, but a lot of Miracles.

Love you all,

Elder Kmetzsch

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