Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oh Robin Hood!


Well is sounds like we have all had a very exciting week. I have been transferred and I am now in Nottingham. I was called as a Zone Leader and my companion is Elder Shaw who was actually in my last district and my Zone Leader. We are whitewashing into the area which is fun, ha ha. Elder Shaw is Robin Hood and I am definitely Little John and the rest of the Zone are our Merry Men!! I'm kinda still freaking out and it will be an adjustment, but I'll make it through. This also means that I am back into a car and will be getting my license soon. I am pretty excited about that!

Can I just say how proud I am of my amazing little Sister. Emma you are awesome! Keep being amazing! People have been emailing me and telling me how good you are doing, so keep it up!! It'll be over soon and you will be soooo sad so just enjoy this last week. Leave it all out there, don't hold back little Darling!

Man, oh man, it was a tiring weekend, but it was super worth it. We had the Conference with Elder Ballard on Saturday and we got a ride from some members who were helping out with food and stuff. But we ended up having to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to be ready to leave our flat by 5:30, it was nuts! I was super tired and almost fell asleep during Elder Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventies talk, but I managed to stay awake.  When Elder Ballard got up I was wide awake. Can I just say that Elder Ballard is a really funny guy. My favourite line from the whole thing was, "You've gotta wake up and say, It's going to be a great day. Look its raining and I get to go out and get persecuted like Paul the Apostle." He also taught us about how we need to WAKE UP and make the most of our opportunities. How we need to be in more of a Hurry in the things that we are doing. He also taught about how we need to show our character and radiate our calling long before we stop people. They need to recognize us before we say anything. But by far my favourite topic that he covered was Faith. He so simply taught about faith and how faith can make a bad day into a good one. What an opportunity is was to learn from and get to shake hands with another one of Gods chosen Servants.

I'm glad Nate and Torie are going to be closer together! That is going to make me and Emma's road trip easier. But something I didn't appreciate before my mission was being around the people I love, especially during the Holidays. So don't take this time for granted guys! Also congratulations to Craig for the Promotion!!! If you guys do get snow send me pictures!!! I'll be sure to send some pictures of Nottingham Next week cause I don't have any yet.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.


Elder Kmetzsch

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