Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Best Buddy from Burma


What an incredibly fast week. It seems like yesterday was P-day. Loads has happened this week I'll try to get it all in.

To start I'll fill your request by requesting things for my birthday:) crazy to think that I'm almost twenty..... But lately I've really been craving sour candy. England fails at making things sour. So I would like some sour punch straws and war heads and anything else sour you wish to put in. That and money are my only requests, ha ha.

You went fishing again! Dad must be in happy heaven with all the trout he is getting to eat. I just keep getting more and more jealous with all the pictures from those beatiful lakes. I cannot wait to be in the quiet peace of the mountians again. 

Emma you have the absolute worst luck with phone screens. You really need to invest in the phones that we have as missionaries, the Nokia Brick ha ha, that thing is indestructible. Seriously we drop it all the time and it does nothing to the phone. The ipads are a little more fragile and we try to take better care of them;)

Well this week started with a Zone Conference with Elder Dyches from the Europe Area Presidency. It was an awesome meeting and I even got to go up and role play with a General Authority! It was a little scary, but hey I survived. We talked so much about keeping the Sabbath day Holy and I really feel as though the whole church is making a push to improve our worship. I'm starting to think I may not watch the superbowl anymore, but we'll see what happens! Something Elder Dyches said that was so true was that Sunday is game time for missionaries. I would add that there is no other day more important than Sunday for investigators. If an investigators comes to church there receptiveness and desire increase tenfold. As missionaries we are focusing all of our efforts on committing and getting people to church. Just this week our district saw a double in the number of investigators at church. We are truly lead by inspired men. I wish I had my notes with me cause there were so many impressions that I would love to share with you. Maybe next week, ha ha.

Next up for the week is Lin. Lin is progressing at lightning speeds, like I have never seen anyone progress so fast. He is already in contact with the missionaries and branch in Burma as well as doing extensive amounts of personal study. He truly is one of God's elect. He just gets it and is so prepared. We were about to go over the baptismal requirements with him and he told us that he had already read it all on lds.org and all he was going to have a problem with was coffee. Will you all pray this week that Lin will be able to just drop coffee in preparation for his baptism next week! That would be much appreciated. We also found out that they have just recently started to translate the Book of Mormon into Burmese and the branch sent Lin the first three chapters in Burmese. He was freaking out it was amazing. He also told us about an oral history of his tribe in Burma that apparently coincides and matches perfectly with the Book of Mormon. It talks about Gold plates and people sailing from a continent into the west and crossing a great body of water. For those of you who know the BOM particularly well I'll let you figure out where that is, ha ha. But I'll tell you more about it when I know about it. It has just been such a blessing to teach such a humble and happy person. It has made a fairly slow last few transfers worth it and brought a lot of joy to my missionary work. I just feel like I can take on anyone after our lessons with Lin.

Well besides those few big things the week has just been filled with a lot of teaching a finding. I just love teaching it's defininly one of my favourite aspects of missionary work. Finding is just okay, but I'm gaining a love for it slowing but surely. 

Before I close my email I must attend to a matter of great importance. 


This week, just a few years ago, my wonderful mother was born. I just want to tell everyone how much that I love my Mom. Mama your the best, and I love you.

I love you all but not as much as I love my Mama and I hope you have a great week.


Elder Kmetzsch

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