Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HuoGuo (Hot Pot)


I love all the pictures of the beach! I hope my next area is Swansea so that I can be on the beach! I hear it is beautiful. Not gonna lie Peter already looks like a beach bum with those cut off shorts and his rocking sun-glasses! 

I can imagine all the kids loving Dads crazy voices and just goofiness! I remember when Mom used to read to me and Brigham when we were in the bunk bed. The chronicles of Narnia were by far my favourites! I think I miss reading more than Netflix so that's good, ha ha.

This week has been full of miracles for us. We have had a few investigators that have had some very spiritual experiences. Most prevalent was a girl named Chloe. We met Chloe on the street and for about ten minutes were trying to convince her to meet with us. Eventually she just said that she was going to pass this time, and we were super bummed. Turns out that the Lord really wanted us to meet with her because we met her in the morning and later that night we ended up running into her again. She of course took it as a sign from God that she needed to meet with us. Which of course it was! But we met with her the next day and had probably the most powerful first lesson that I have had on my mission. Everyone of us was feeling the Spirit hard core and she recognized the power of the Book of Mormon immediately. We gave her a chapter to read (3 Nephi 11) and set an appointment for a couple of days later. When we met with her she told us that the Book of Mormon had answered a question she had about her Grandmother who has recently passed away, and how it gave her a lot of comfort and how she knew that it was true. It was a powerful witness to me about just how amazing the Book of Mormon is. Here in England a lot of people say a lot of bad things about the church and different people in the church. But when someone puts everything aside and just reads the Book of Mormon with an open heart, they cannot deny the divinity of it. As Joseph Smith said it is the Most correct book on the earth. I know that to be true. I have seen it change lives, and I am beginning to see it really change my life. 

Our District
The other highlight of the week was that we had a Chinese Hot Pot. A lot of the recent Chinese converts cooked a traditional meal for us and it was sooo good! Hot pot is a pot of boiling water with loads of spices in it and you just drop your food in a bit at a time and it cooks it right there. So there was Squid rolls and Lobster balls and Beef rolls. Just different meats and vegetables that were in bowls and you just picked what you wanted and dropped it into the pot! It was, well, cool! Ha ha, it was really fun and cool to see and the new members getting to know each other. 

Hot Pot & Chloe and her boyfriend
I'm getting really nervous about transfers and may actually end up staying in Coventry for another 6 weeks! Elder Costigan thinks I will, but I feel like I'm gonna go. But we will find out tonight! 


Elder Kmetzsch

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