Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Work, Work, Work


Time is flying! We are already almost to the end of this transfer and I will probably be leaving Coventry in a couple of weeks. It's crazy, it is about time for all the seniors to start putting in their mission papers back home. I have been praying that someone from Viewmont comes to the EBM. Not just because it is the Earths Best Mission, but because I think it would be really fun to serve around someone from home! 

Dad's talk was probably really good, but he probably was a little too goofy for Mom to handle! I can just imagine the joke he told. If I am right you have to email me the joke next week ha ha! I actually remember the talk that Bishop Daines gave where you replace faith with trust. Something really cool about the word faith in Chinese is that it can also mean confidence. When I first found that out it put faith in a whole new perspective. If you just say that you need to have faith in God than I would just kinda brush it off. But when you say, put all of your confidence and trust in God it means so much more. Trust and confidence help us to understand faith a lot better.

I actually have been trying to find out who the new mission president will be. All the missionaries are getting really excited to find out. We have heard rumours that he is Italian, but who knows. Also I know that rumour is spelled with the U in the end just like Saviour. In England they use a U in most the words that end in just "or." So get off my back Dad ha ha! It says it is spelled wrong if I do it the other way. 

This week Elder Costigan and I have probably worked harder than we have worked in all of our time together and nothing has happened.... It has been a very humbling and very disappointing week. We have had to take a hard look at what we are doing and hope that we can do something to turn it around. We just need to continue to work hard and I know that the Lord will bless us for the last two weeks that we have together. Not all that much has happened that is very exciting except for that we found out they are looking at starting a Chinese branch in Coventry! It would be the first Chinese branch in the UK, which is a pretty big deal! We have started having occasional separate Sacrament meetings or Sunday school classes in Chinese which has been a really cool thing to watch! One of our new members, Chris, gave a talk in Chinese sacrament meeting and I have never been so proud! He is so cool and I was really excited to see him do something that was extremely hard for him. I love him a lot!

I love you guys and hope that you all have a good week!


Elder K  

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