Friday, January 23, 2015

Fried Lettuce?


It sounds like Mom and Dad are living the life in Florida. I love the pictures! Pete is such a little stud. I'm sure all the girls at school think he is the cutest.:) Evie just looks as adorable as ever. I think when I take the road trip to Florida, when I get home, I'll have to get Cameron to sort me out with my teeth. We will also have to go deep sea fishing, and maybe Pete and I can go wrestle some alligators! 

The Japanese restaurant sounds good, I love Asia food! This week we ate some delicious Chinese food! One of the recent converts (Arnold) fed us, and I must say he is a really good cook. He made us a few different traditional Chinese dishes my favourite of which was fried lettuce! It blew my mind that he just threw some romaine lettuce in some oil and salt with some chicken seasoning thing and it came out to be this beautiful and delicious masterpiece, ha ha! It's not even a joke guys! It was amazing! The other dishes were really good as well but they just couldn't compare to the fried lettuce. Me and Elder Costigan have tried a few times to reproduce the lettuce but have not been fully successful in getting it how Arnold does! But we try are best;)

This week was another slow one. We honestly have been working like crazy and not much seems to be coming of it yet. On Thursday we did what we call GQ-ing or street contacting for 5 hours! Normally we can break it up with a lesson or two, but we just did it straight. I am not going to lie after the first two hours I was pretty discouraged. To make it more interesting Elder Costigan and I decided to have a race to see who could get 20 potentials the fastest. Take into mind that in a normal day we would get around 10-15 together. We set some stakes and just went for it, it was pretty fun. Both of us were talking to everybody and having loads of success. But in the end Elder Costigan beat me. He got to 20 and I was only at 13. I now have to call all of them because I lost the race, but we still had lots of fun and met a ton of cool people! It was the most potentials that Elder Costigan and I have ever gotten in one day so we were pretty happy! Hopefully we can now turn those potentials into progressing investigators who will get baptized! 

I learned a pretty big lesson on prayer this week. It is not a complicated or deep thing, but it was very powerful. I don't know about you guys, but I find it hard to say personal prayers out loud, it can be pretty awkward. So I never really did it. But this week I tired it, and I have to say it was one of the most powerful prayers that I have ever had. I would encourage everyone to take a minute by themselves and say a personal prayer out loud. Don't just say it to the ceiling, talk like someone is actually listening and you will feel the presence of Heavenly Father like you have never felt before! 

I will know whether or not I am getting transferred and to where next Monday night. So you guys will find out two weeks from today! The exact transfer date is the 28th so we will find out Monday what is happening and then transfer on Wednesday. 

I hope all is going well and that you have fun in Florida! I love the pictures so keep them coming! 


Elder Kmetzsch

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