Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Time of the Chinese


Sounds like this week was pretty fun! I definitely took firesides and FHE for granted! They are such a fun thing! So Emma never complain about having to go to church activities. They are the best. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for Louise. She has been having a really positive experience with the BOM and the church. She is progressing really well towards baptism and hopefully things will continue to go as they are. So everyone keep praying for her!

This week has been crazy! I don't think I have ever been so tired in my life. We have just been finding and teaching so many people. Elder Costigan is crazy. He literally runs around to talk to people. I am learning so much about how you just have to be a little bit crazy cause Mormons Missionaries are suppose to be that way. I love talking to people especially the Chinese.

So Coventry has two major Universities in it and they both have loads of Chinese students! Elder Costigan speaks a bit of Mandarin so we have some really funny conversations. My favorite face is the face they make when he first speaks and they are like, "Whoa you speak Chinese!" He then proceeds to introduce us as a Kung Fu Master and Spongebob Squarepants. I am Spongebob of course. 

We are teaching a lot of Chinese and I love it. President Rasmussen has said that now is the time of the Chinese. The young students are so open minded and humble that it is just a joy to teach them. We have seen some amazing miracles with some of our investigators. The one I want to talk about is Chris. Chris is my new best friend! He break dances and is just the funniest guy ever. We told Chris that if he came to church with a question in his heart that God would answer him. For someone who grew up not believing in God this was a hard concept. But he did it. He came to church and in the meeting he leaned over to us and said that God was speaking to his heart. It was so amazing to see him discover that God is there and that he can answer his questions. He said that God told him that he sent us to him and that he should follow us. Now he reads his BOM and prays everyday. He is just such a blessing to us. God is there and he loves all of his children. He wants to help us and all we have to do is ask. It may not come when we want it too, but it will come. 

Things are going really great here in Coventry and hopefully it will keep going up!

Love, Elder Kmetzsch

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