Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Greeny Exchange Lives On


It sounds like you had an awesome few weeks. Though I still don't approve of the trout farm idea, I'm glad everyone got to catch a fish!

The Lord really does come through on his promises. He told me just keep working and things will be okay. Well we have really seen a complete turn around in our area this week! It went from nothing to everything like that. By the end of the week we had found 6 new investigators and taught three times as many lessons as we did the week before. Honestly I wasn't prepared to see the fruits come so quickly. Sometimes in life we just give up way too easy when really the blessings are just around the corner. We just need to hold on an in the words of Elder Holland, "There are good things to come." Too quickly do we forget that the Lord promised us blessings and too quickly do we give up on those blessings thinking to ourselves, oh well I guess he's not there. Man if I could just make people hold on until they see what is just around the corner because it is always so great.

Well if y'all remember Elder Passey who went to the MTC with me, you will also remember that we got to experience our first exchange together as greenies. We shared many exchanges after that but soon we both left Coventry and thought that our days of Greeny exchanges were over! Tis not so this transfer Elder Passey the champ went Zone leader and came to our zone. And as is the rules the zone leaders go on exchange with all of the district leaders in the zone. Seeing as Elder Passey doesn't have his British license yet, he can't drive their car so he had to come to Aberystwyth with me! It was really great to see him again cause it's been like 5 months but we had a killer exchange. It was so fun to see how far we both have come from that first exchange we had, where we really didn't know anything, to now being out nearly a year and both having trained. We absolutely killed it. We taught 3 people on the street that night and got many more phone numbers. It was just a ball, it really brought me back to days in Coventry and all our exchanges there. What a guy, ha ha!

This week was Father's Day and I spent a lot of time this Sunday thinking about my Father. I thought about who I am and how far I've come and it's because of him. I love you Dad so much. I thought about all the things we did together, whether it was playing catch in the backyard or wrestling each other. I thought about how awesome of a football coach you were and how glad I was that you were there for me. I knew that I could always count on you no matter what. I'm so glad to have your advice always. You are the grooviest, funkiest, coolest dad around and I'm so glad that your mine I love you Dad!

Happy Father's Day!

Well I do love you all and hope that everyone's travels go safely.


Elder Kmetzsch

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