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Well this will be the first official family email sent from my iPad. Honestly it has been soooo weird using technology for something other than Netflix or texting. I have realized this week just how easy it is to waste time on pointless things. I've also realized just how useful technology is. Hopefully I can keep my grammar and sentence structures readable, and refrain from using abbreviations and slang, now that I'm typing on a touch screen again!

Well just about the only thing that happened this week that was at all exciting was the fact that we got to start using our iPads. We got them last Thursday but didn't get to use them until a week after. We just set them up and then turned them off! My personal opinion is that President Rasmussen was trying to teach us patience and self control. But it ended up that I was just starting to lose my mind.... But the wait is over and we have begun using them. They have some really cool features with movies and pamphlets but for now that is about all we are using them for. Later we will get an email address for our area and even later we will begin to use Facebook. But for now we have a great resource for study and movies for our investigators.

It sounds like you guys are had an exciting week. I wish I could have seen Guys and Dolls, but I'm sure if I had gone that I would have just started singing along with Nicely, Nicely! I dreamed last night I got on the boat to heaven. To this day that is still probably my favourite song that I sang on stage. Mostly just all the music from that show, it brings back some very fond memories of sophomore year. I am sure Emma was a very sassy hot box girl! Ha ha, I love you, a bushel and a peck, little darling!

Well with Cameron's move from Florida to North Carolina it changes my road trip plans a bit but not too much. I hope the boys are having fun without me! But it sounds like they are gonna have a great trip. I'm only kinda jealous.

Too be honest I don't even know what else to write. I think it is going to be weird having sacrament meeting first when I get back home but I should be used to it because they are doing the same change here. One of the general authorities said that the Lord wants his Sabbath back. So I think that it is good that the church is putting in a lot of effort to make the sabbath more holy, we definitely need it. I've noticed with most of the less actives that I've seen leaving the church, it usually doesn't start with big events. It usually starts with scripture study and sabbath day observance. If we have those two things plus a close relationship with Heavenly Father through prayer, we will never get lost.

I am pretty sad that elder Perry has passed away but he lived a good life and is in a better place doing an important work. I'll never forget the day at the Mandarin when I got off the phone from taking a take out order and there was Elder Perry towering above me. Then in his very unique Elder Perry voice he said, "Do they make you write with your left hand so that it looks Chinese?" I love his quirky sense of humor and I will always remember him.

There is a very famous bridge in Wales called Devils Bridge and it just happens to be on the way to a 
less actives house that we eat with each week. Like we literally drive over it. So we decided to stop and check it out. 
In the pictures you'll see 3 bridges because over the years they would just build a new one on top of the other one.
You should look up the legend of Devils Bridge. 

Well I hope y'all have a good week. Ta-ra butt, (which means goodbye friend/mate in Welsh)!

Elder Kmetzsch

Sent from my iPad because I'm just that cool!

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