Wednesday, May 20, 2015

You Dress Like A Million Bucks You Play Like A Million Bucks


Well another week of driving hundreds of miles has come and gone. When I say hundreds of miles I mean hundreds! We went back to Birmingham again this week, and then to Swansea and then to Merthyr Tidfil! All in all like 500-600 miles. But I guess it's better to drive than it is to bike! But I'm definitely starting to miss my bike and my waist is missing (gaining) it too. To answer your question we either shop at a store called Lydil or Morrisons. They are just like normal grocery stores. We can use the car for 2 things on P-day, shopping and emailing. But they are both close enough that we can walk. Everything and anything in Aberystwyth is like a 5 minute walk from us!

But besides memorizing every word to all the EFY music that I have we had a pretty good week. We had stake conference this weekend which was awesome. The Adult session was in Swansea so we drove down and then stayed the night with the Zone Leaders. Then the normal session was in Merthyr Tidfil. We had Elder Dykes from the second quorum of the Seventy and the Europe area presidency there and Elder Piltz a newly called area 70 as well. It was a really good meeting and it was mainly focused on the Sabbath day and how we need to be better at keeping it Holy. But it was a lot of fun to see all the missionaries from the Zone and to stay in Swansea again.

Well to explain the pictures I sent home a little bit more I'll tell you the back story. We had an appointment with our investigator Shirley so we drove to her house as normal and when we got there Victor (her member "friend") wanted us to help with some service. He wanted someone to help him hold some sticks while he cut them up with a chainsaw. He saw that we weren't dressed for service an he didn't want Elder Richardson to get sawdust on his nice trousers so he proposed an idea. He found some old fishing waiters and had him put them on. He then gave him one of his hats and some nice big safety glasses to top it off. Reminder that all of this gear is so that he can stand there to steady some sticks! I thought it was just too good to pass up taking some pictures of the two hard working men. But in the words of Coach Hymas, "you dress like a million bucks you play (hold sticks) like a million bucks." You gotta love that Sweater vest:)

 Man oh man, I can't believe Emma went to your last Jr. High school concert. What is CJH gonna do without the Kmetzsch's?? They won't be able to run the place! But I'm sure that Emma Lou is more than happy to get out of there and into the big old Viewmont High. I hope she can survive her first year there without me home to protect her. But I'm very sad that I couldn't have been there to hear Emma sing. More than a few sources have been telling me that she is becoming quite the star. Maybe me and her can become the next Donny and Marie cause we all know that the youngest children are the most talented!:)

HAAAAPPPY Birthday too you You live in a Zoo. You Smell like a Monkey AAAAAnd you look like one too!! Happy Birthday Daddy:) You are an extrordinary, vigorous, vivacious and energetic father, but I forgot to mention one thing and that is that you are a Fruit Cake! Well I am a failure of a son and sent your gift a little late but there is something for you, Brigs and Nate. It should be arriving this week or the next. Happy Birthday to my Big brother as well:) Love you Brig!

Thank you guys for all your love and prayers. They are felt and very appreicated!


Elder Kmetzsch

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