Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I am an Agent not an Object


Wowee, it has been a crazy week for us over here in Aberystwyth. First off it is weird to have a new companion especially one straight from the states. It is especially weird when he mentions stuff that happened after I came out on my mission.... Odd. But things are going absolutely great here. We have had a great week full of meetings, service and teaching. 

Awesome Church
The most exciting part of our week was the mission wide conference about iPads and technology. The meeting wasn't really all that much about iPads and more about keeping ourselves safe while using technology and learning how to develop good habits not just for our missions but for life. We had Elder Allen the General Manager of Missionaries or something like that. Basically he is the guy that is in charge of all the of the missionaries. He was extremely funny and such a great speaker. Funny enough I learned something from him that I wasn't expecting to. 

I often have wondered to myself why there isn't just one perfect way for everyone and why it isn't easier for a being, such as God, to make us perfect. But I learned from Elder Allen an awesome lesson about the difference between Agents and Objects. In a short definition the difference between the two is that objects are acted upon and agents act for themselves. God could create perfect objects and act on the perfectly and there would never be any mistakes, but God loves us much more than that. God loves us so much that he created us to be agents, to live on this world and to learn to become like him. We are here learning how to make decisions that will eventually lead to us becoming perfect. We are learning simply how to make good decisions for ourselves rather than having someone tell you what to do. And of course there is an amazing scripture that explains it perfectly, (2 Nephi 2:26-27).  We are here to become agents for good, constantly making right choices. Heavenly Father loved us enough to let us make our own mistakes because he wanted us to become much more than perfect objects. He wants us to become perfect as He is, constantly choosing the right while still having the freedom to act for ourselves. 

The conference was great and the speakers were great, but I think the best part of it was that I got to see everyone that I've served around for the first time in a few months! It was really great to see Elder Costigan again and I got to see all of the old crew from Coventry:) 

Besides the conference we helped one of the members put a roof on one of their barns and did some yard work. It was fun but the 7 meter long metal sheets were just a bit heavy! 

So it sounds like you guys have a lot going on. Go Emma on the Solo!!! That is so awesome:) Also Cameron is moving to North Carolina? That's news to me, ha ha! Sounds like Nate's new car is pretty nice and the trip to Kansas sounds fun. I definitely plan on road tripping hard core when I get home! I hope Craig gets that job and that all goes well there as well. 

So for next week with skyping I will be on at around 5:00 which would be around 10:00 for you guys? Hope that doesn't conflict with peoples church, but family first right? I am really looking forward to seeing you all. I can't believe it's been 5 months since we last talked. But I will see you next Sunday at 5:00:)


Elder Kmetzsch  

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