Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Mother Day!

First off to Mom. Happy Mothers Day! In the UK Mothers Day is apparently in March? But we had the classic Mothers day sacrament meeting with the primary (all 6 of them) singing to there Mums and then passing out flowers. They even included the high councilmen that talks so slow that you could fall asleep, ha ha! But it being Mothers Day my thoughts turned to my Wonderful mother.
For all of you reading this blog who think that you Mum is the best, I submit that you are wrong. My mother is the mother of all mothers! I love her dearly and want her to know how much I appreciate ever push, pull, and smack that she had to give me. Mom you're the best, and I miss you more than I let on. It was in my thoughts of Mom that i realized that I had to do laundry and clean up some dishes. So thank you for reminding me about my chores even when your not around! I don't know how you do it!:)
Shout out to my lil darling for being the coolest and most talented 15 year old in Centerville! Or is she 12 I can't remember.... But good job at the concert I'm sure that you did just amazing! Cecily is wise and you should listen to her, and practice! Practice more than I did, It is most definitely worth it. Practice, Practice, Practice. Also you got a job??  I don't know if Lagoon-a- beach was the best choice for you considering how easy you burn!!!;) 
Well the pictures I am sending do not do this country justice. Honestly It is the most beautiful place in the world. If you do end up coming to pick me up I will drive you through Wales personally. I love this place. The branch here is also just the best. I can't say it enough, but they just rock. They get it, they just get it.

With the Easter season brings Easter Chocolate.
This egg was as big as my face!!
 It was also hollow and when filled with milk brought me great joy!;)
Well this week has been a week of rebuilding. When people get baptized missionary work doesn't stop it just starts over! So we have been focusing a lot of our efforts on finding new people to teach, and have had some great success. We have quite a few new investigators and are getting a great rep with the students as, "The Mormons". Our investigators Zach and Max have introduced us to most of the students that live in there building! It is awesome. We will just walk by them and Zach will be like, "hey Jill these are the Mormons," "Mormons this is Jill." They are funny guys. But nothing spectacular has happened this week. Just another week of humbling Elder Kmetzsch. But on the other side I'm getting pretty good at getting peoples numbers and can't wait to get home and start applying the things I am learning to my dating life!;) I have no fear anymore! And trust me I have talked to some pretty intimidating rugby players. You just can't back down or they will never respect you.
I realize that this email doesn't have a whole lot of spiritual in it. So I just simply wanted to say that I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I can't tell you how many times I have said that but I don't know how much I ever meant it until now. Being in a country where Mormons are not liked you hear a lot of bad about the church, the majority about Joseph Smith. But none of the things that they could ever say about that great man will ever shake my testimony of what he did. Did he make mistakes? Of course he did. But that does not make him any less of a prophet of God, Chosen to restore Jesus Christ's church on this earth. If you are ever doubting your testimony of Joseph just think about the Book of Mormon. Think about all the good that it has done for the world and for your own life. Think about that and tell me that he isn't a Prophet. Joseph Smith has done more for this world save Jesus himself. I know that to be true and that testimony gets stronger and stronger ever time that I share it.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder K

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