Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Castles and Zone Conference


Well I survived my first week in Wales! I love it here. The area is so beautiful, and there is definitely something special about being in a small branch. I've only been here for two sundays and I already feel like I know the branch fairly well. They are a close family here, and they love the missionaries!

To answer your questions. As of right now I'm not actually driving the car, just riding in it. So I may not have to get my license here. Even if I was driving it is legal to drive on my American license until I've been in the country for a year. My address is 39 Portland Street, Aberystwyth, SY23 2DX, Wales. Just about a 2 minute walk from the beach. Elder Ruttan is from Vancouver Island, the city of Victoria! I've see pictures and it is a very beautiful area.

Yes, Wales has there own language, and it is a crazy one at that. Just take a look at a map of Wales and you'll see what I mean. Cymru is how you spell Wales in Welsh. Everyone here speaks English though and Welsh is a bit of a dead language. They are trying to keep it alive by teaching it in schools now, but not many people speak it anymore. I think it is a really cool language, but it is impossible to pronounce anything. The food isn't all that different from England but I haven't had any really w
Welsh food. Like I said last week, there is one family in the branch who run an American diner, and a good one at that. They love the missionaries and give us a free meal every week. So last week I got a Philly cheese steak and thought I was about to die.

It was good to hear that the package arrived safe and sound. I'm glad you liked the chocolate! I will possibly send more if I get the chance because it is really cheap and super good. I thought the ties were pretty sweet and I'm glad the boys like them. Too bad they didn't fit Dad though! Oh well I will just find some longer ones later!

Man Kristen is getting married!!! Thats so great! I'm sure that he is an awesome guy, but I'll have to give my final approval the thanksgiving after I get home, ha ha!

Well this week has been fun. We had Zone meeting which of course is a two hour drive for us. All the way down to Swansea. But it was really fun to see all the missionaries in this Zone. I've been in the Coventry Zone for so long that it was good to see some missionaries that I'd never met and some missionaries that I went to the MTC with that I haven't seen in 6 months. On the way back from Zone meeting we stopped at some ruins we saw. They were the ruins of an old Monastery from the 11th century. I think it was the oldest building I have ever seen. We also have some ruins of a castle in Aberystwyth. I just think that the medieval history is the coolest. So I'm enjoying seeing all of the ruins and castles that Wales has to offer.

The 11th Century Monastery 
The ruins of the Aberystwyth Castle (Aber-wrist-with) 
 I'm hoping you all have a good week and an especially a good Valentines day!

Also Happy birthday Kate!

Elder Kmetzsch

P.S. I discovered a small deep fryer in our flat..... I then decided to put the skills I learned at the Mandarin to the test! I deep fried a caramel waffle things, ha ha! Anyway they were really, really good! I was quite proud of what I accomplished and Elder Ruttan was very impressed! 

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